Coûts élevés dans le secteur de la santé

La solidité d’un système est tributaire du maillon le plus faible de la chaîne. Dans le secteur de la santé, les solutions individuelles et coûteuses doivent être abandonnées au profit d’une pensée globale et intégrée. Une augmentation durable de la valeur pourra ainsi être obtenue à long terme.

Compliance: More than legal requirements and culture

Many companies are spending lots of money and resources on improving their compliance management. Examples of compliance management measures are codes of conduct, whistle blowing procedures and training. Only setting up these formal procedures will not provide a perfect protection. Sometimes we just create a paper tiger.

Possible Grexit: Impact of indirect taxes to businesses

News have spread that the banks in Greece were closed today and Greece has imposed capital controls to prevent a financial chaos…Economists describe scenarios in which the drachma is reintroduced, and then inflated…

Handelsregisterbelege auf Knopfdruck: Bald schweizweit?

Das Handelsregister ist ein öffentliches Register. Entsprechend können sämtliche Belegakten bei allen kantonalen Handelsregisterämtern persönlich eingesehen, meist auch schriftlich oder per Email gegen eine Gebühr angefordert werden. Die elektronische Abrufbarkeit birgt jedoch auch Risiken in sich.

Consumer markets: The goal is to grow

KPMG’s recent survey of 539 senior consumer executives revealed that this year’s top priority - across consumer businesses of all types, sizes and in all geographies is clearly on expansion and top line growth. The goal is to grow, the question is how?

Data leakage through mobile apps

While installing a mobile app it asks permission to various parts of your smartphone. Without permission, there is no functioning app. What do you do? A decision that is not without risks as "mobile devices" often also have access to company data. So why permission is granted so easily?