10,000 happy whistleblowers in Switzerland?

Last month, the Council of States debated about changing regulation for whistleblowing in Switzerland. Whistleblowing plays a major role in the discovery and investigation of internal fraud and other misconduct within companies. A better solution for Switzerland might be to establish corporate governance requirements that incorporate whistle blowing procedures.

Swiss Double Taxation Treaties – Update

Switzerland signs new treaty with Cyprus and improves its treaty network. In the new DTT with Cyprus, the residual withholding tax on dividends from the minimum equity holdings of 10% as well as on interests and royalties could be reduced to nil and is therefore more favorable than the EU tax savings agreement.

Comparative overview of the Swiss CTR III law

Based on the latest Swiss CTR III law, KPMG Switzerland has compiled a digital brochure which compares the detailed regulations of the legislative draft with the current Swiss corporate tax legislation.

KPMG mit kräftigem Wachstum

Im zurückliegenden Geschäftsjahr per 30. September 2014 hat KPMG ein sehr gutes Ergebnis erzielt und den Nettoumsatz deutlich auf CHF 388 Mio. (+4,7 Prozent) gesteigert. Der Bruttoumsatz stieg sogar auf CHF 497 Mio. (+11,5 Prozent). Dies zeigt, dass das Unternehmen in einer äusserst guten Verfassung ist.

Joint Proposal of UK and Germany on IP Regimes

Germany and the UK have developed a joint proposal for the consideration of the OECD Forum on Harmful Tax Practices (FHTP) with regard to existing IP (intellectual property) regimes (patent or license box). Impacts on Swiss Corporate Tax Reform III are likely and need to be taken into account in the legislative process.

AEoI – It is time to regularize undeclared accounts

Tax transparency has become one of the most important objectives on the agenda of governments throughout Europe and all important financial centers. The question is no longer whether the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI) will enter into force but when and with which countries.