International Sanctions against Russia: What Swiss businesses have to consider

As the crisis in Ukraine continues, further international sanctions have been enforced against Russia. Also for Swiss companies the identification of the complex ownership structures of the sanctioned entities and the different jurisdictions and languages involved are challenging.

Performance der Schweizer Privatbanken

KPMG hat zusammen mit der Universität St. Gallen die Geschäftsberichte von 94 Schweizer Privatbanken analysiert und deren finanzielle Performance zwischen 2006 und 2013 beurteilt. Welches sind die Erfolgsfaktoren im hart umkämpften Privatbankenmarkt Schweiz?

Praxis der Übernahmekommission 2013/2014

Was waren die wichtigsten Verfügungen der Übernahmekommission 2013 bis Juli 2014?

7 Steps to make your Shared Service Center a success

Many companies are looking for ways to bring the performance of their Shared Service Centers (SSC) to a higher level. See 7 steps that optimize SSC's performance.

IT departments as true “value contributors”

Information technology (IT) is the backbone of most of today’s businesses. Unfortunately the value generated by IT investments is not adequately recognized by many organizations. IT is still seen as a cost driver, rather than an equal partner and value creator.

Consumer business in the digital age

In today’s ever-evolving and dynamically changing consumer sector, traditional business models and customer segments are much less relevant. Technology has created an industry that is open for business anytime, anywhere and any way the customer prefers to shop.