Bill Schiller

Bill Schiller

Partner, Audit Financial Services

Evolving Insurance Regulation 2015

2015 is seeing international developments dominate regulatory change in the insurance industry. Our annual survey ‘Evolving Insurance Regulation’ once again highlights the increasingly global nature of insurance regulation and the ever greater focus on convergence.

Transforming Life Insurance

Reflecting on last year’s trends and considering where the next few months will lead us, the Swiss insurance market will deliver not only healthy short-term results but also be better positioned for sustainable profits. There are still many challenges Swiss life insurers have to face within the next few months.

Frontiers in Finance

The current issue of 'Frontiers in Finance' addresses the various challenges facing senior executives at financial services companies worldwide. In the insurance sector, more progressive management teams are thinking about how advanced data analytics tools, data management systems and digitalized processes can help them in every aspect of the business chain.

Transforming Insurance – It starts now

The insurance world is awash with talk of digital, big data and data analytics. The whole insurance value chain is impacted, from distribution to intermediation, risk carriers and service providers, as other industries from e-retailers to automotive set foot in insurance markets, and pension funds and hedge funds finance capital market solutions.

Regulatory challenges in the Swiss insurance market

On 8 May 2014, KPMG hosted its Spring iCircle event in Zurich. Around 90 guests from the Swiss insurance community heard three speeches and participated in a podium discussion on the regulatory challenges facing the industry.

Evolving Insurance Regulation

Regulatory change is fundamentally re-shaping the global insurance industry, creating strategic and operational challenges for insurers.