Cindy Hofmann

Cindy Hofmann

Director, Forensic

Donor fraud is on the rise. How can you protect your organization?

Donor fraud is on the rise, but today’s charitable and nonprofit organizations aren’t doing enough to protect themselves. Tracking how and where the donations are spent is just the tip of the iceberg. Monitoring who the donor is and where the money comes from – is equally important.

5 essential steps to identify and mitigate third-party risk

How well do you really know your clients, vendors, distributors or local representatives? Many companies underestimate the risks and overestimate the quality of their third-party risk assessment. It’s time to reassess the risks and invest in Third Party Risk Management before the damage is done.

Cross-border investigations: initiation to execution

Although essential procedures for an effective domestic and cross-border investigation are the same, there are certain fundamental differences that need to be borne in mind. Considering legal, cultural and other complexities which may arise, upfront, can ensure that a cross-border investigation starts correctly and ends with adequate results.