David Oberson

David Oberson

Partner, Accounting & Payroll Services, Office Head Lausanne

Challenges and questions on the start-up journey

Start-up entrepreneurs transform new ideas into thriving companies. But they face significant challenges on their journey from market newbie to mature player. We explore some of the main questions founders should be asking at four key stages in the business lifecycle.

FAIF: conséquences pour les employeurs et les employés

L’entrée en vigueur de la Loi fédérale sur le financement et l’aménagement de l’infrastructure ferroviaire (ci-après «FAIF») au 1er janvier 2016 soulève, pour les employeurs et les employés, de nouvelles questions quant à la limitation des frais professionnels au titre des déplacements effectués entre le domicile et le lieu de travail.

Sending employees abroad: 8 questions you must ask!

Do you know the feeling of uncertainty when sending employees across borders? Today, short-term business trips or longer projects go hand in hand with complex and challenging regulations that are subject to frequent changes. Non-compliance often leads to significant sanctions.

Mobile Workforce – Challenges for the employer

Today, employees work and travel across the world. Therefore, employers should be aware of the local requirements and the risks to manage their mobile workforce properly. To ensure compliance in several countries is becoming more and more a challenge not only for multinational companies but for every company who moves around its employees.