Luka Zupan

Luka Zupan

Partner, Head Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance Services

20 key risks to consider by Internal Audit before 2020

A comprehensive risk-based Internal Audit plan determines the success of an IA function as a value-adding, strategic business partner. This summary of key risks aims to stimulate discussion during the annual planning process and identify potential emerging topics relevant to your IA function.

Transforming Internal Audit through critical thinking

In an uncertain and challenging economy, organizations are seeking an approach to internal audit that goes beyond reviewing past activities. Instead, they want internal audits to be insightful, forward looking, and go beyond preserving current structure to creating value on a departmental, divisional, or organization-wide level.

Effektive Assurance – Fokus der Internen Revision auf aktuelle Risiken

Risikoorientiert, flexibel, zukunftsgerichtet – das sind kritische Eigenschaften, welche die Interne Revision heute vorweisen muss. Sie soll den Anforderungen an eine effektive Assurance genügen und den Ansprüchen der verschiedenen Interessensgruppen gerecht werden.
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