Philipp Rickert

Philipp Rickert

Head of Financial Services and member of the Executive Committee

Detecting and preventing financial crime – a huge challenge for Swiss banks

The global significance of the Swiss financial center has made it a focus of efforts to combat organized crime and money laundering. Banks and public authorities are finding themselves faced with a variety of challenges as a result. A new study by KPMG identifies areas where action needs to be taken.

Frontiers in Finance: Disruption on the Transformation Journey

How well are senior leaders dealing with disruption? Executives face the data revolution and new technologies, the demand for greater customer centricity, and growing constraints imposed by governments and regulators. The issues are far reaching and the solutions require a strategic approach.

Challenges of Client Onboarding in Wealth Management

Many of the largest wealth managers are currently investing a lot of money into their onboarding processes. Besides wanting to avoid regulatory issues in the future, they also see the onboarding process as an instrument to streamline front-to-back processes and therefore to save costs.

Aktuelle Herausforderungen für Schweizer Banken

Was sind die jüngsten Entwicklungen der Schweizer Privatenbanken und in welche Richtung entwickelt sich der Finanzplatz? Und welches Geschäftsmodell wird in Zukunft erfolgreich sein?
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