Reto Grubenmann

Reto Grubenmann

Director, Information Protection and Business Resilience

The power of the cloud: mitigate risks and embrace opportunities

Cloud computing is driving digital transformation. And it’s the engine behind the Internet of Things (IoT). Still, executives are reluctant to fully embrace cloud technology. Our white paper “The Power of the Cloud” offers insight into the risks and the opportunities when adopting cloud solutions.

Swiss companies must comply with eIDAS for digital access to EU markets

The success of the EU’s Digital Single Market requires secure cross-border electronic transactions. Reliable electronic identification (eID) and trust services such as the creation and verification of electronic signatures are essential. eIDAS Regulation ensures seamless eID and trust across the EU.

No trust, no economy: Why eIDAS / ZertES certification matters

Using eSignatures and eID – key building blocks of the digital market – reduces costs, improves efficiency, grows revenue and prevents fraud. Thanks to the EU’s eIDAS regulation, the private sector has had a solid regulatory environment to develop the use of electronic signatures and transactions in the EU. What are the benefits of certification?

Data protection: Audit and certify according to the standard BS 10008 (ERMS)

A confidential Electronic Records Management System (ERMS) is essential for your data protection. British Standard BS 10008 is the value creating solution. KPMG is now officially accredited by the Swiss authorities Seco SAS to audit and certify according to the standard BS 10008.