Beton oder Gold?

Im Vergleich zu Gold sind Immobilienanlagen in der Tat beständiger, vorausgesetzt man investiert in nachhaltige Qualität und nicht in unsichere Fundamentaldaten – auch im Immobilienmarkt ist eben nicht alles Gold, was glänzt.

Impact of Big Data on the insurance industry

Big Data is bringing decisive advantages to insurers through more relevant, detailed, and up to date information. Insurance executives globally are trying to work out what all this means for their customers, their operating models, their bottom lines - some are successful, some are struggling and some have other priorities.

Is your trading organization ready to fulfil all relevant requirements of REMIT?

REMIT (Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency) entered into force on 7 January 2015. Commodity market participants are no longer immune to regulation and need to take immediate action to protect the ability to trade in their respective sector.

What is Conduct Risk?

Driven by many compliance violation cases, the financial sector regulators introduced further stringent preventative regulation. A term often used to address behavioral compliance risk is "conduct risk". What exactly is conduct risk and how does it affect business and compliance?
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Strong real estate investment activity across Europe

The European real estate investment market recorded a total transaction volume of EUR 213bn in 2014. This is the highest level since the start of the recent financial crisis and reflects an increase of 13% compared to 2013.

The agile CIO: Mastering digital disruption

Agile software development has been around for many years and has changed the way organizations develop new solutions. In the Digital Disruption we face today, it is time to extend the “agile” approach beyond software development and start a new way of how organizations create strategies and manage transformations.