Real estate investments as a treatment for short-sightedness?

At the moment there is no loss of appetite amongst investors. However, the fact that so-called secure investments offer poor yields has caused something of a belly ache. There is a clouded view of the future.

FCPA Enforcement 2.0: A carrot and stick approach

After an impressive (monetary wise) 2014 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement year, we have seen a rather slow 2015. Last year, 11 companies paid around USD 133 million, while the year before ten companies paid a striking USD 1.6 billion to resolve FCPA cases. So what is in for 2016?

Why EU data protection regulation also concerns Switzerland

The European Parliament ratified the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) text on 14th April 2016. The GDPR will enter into force 20 days after its publication in the EU Official Journal. Its provisions will be directly applicable in all member states after two years, but also Switzerland is affected.

The many storylines about the Identification of Medicinal Products

The life science industry moves towards implementation of Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP). However, the storylines about IDMP and the agenda of Drug Information Association (DIA) congresses are variegated.
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Grosse Herausforderung nach Rückgabe der Bankenlizenz

Gibt eine Bank ihre Bankenlizenz in der Schweiz ab, muss sie für die korrekte Aufbewahrung und Herausgabe ihrer Bankdaten für mind. 10 Jahre sorgen. Dieser Vorgabe über einen solch langen Zeitraum nachkommen zu können, stellt eine grosse Herausforderung dar.

eDiscovery – finding the needle in an ever growing haystack

In the recent KPMG global survey regarding Litigation Readiness, two-thirds of the respondents stated that they have not undergone an assessment of their litigation readiness. For those who wonder what eDiscovery really entails, this article should bring forth some further insights and clarity into the matter.