The unprecedented conundrum in Retail Banking

The contemporary fierce economic and financial environment imposes incessant constraints and challenges on banks’ operations. Many western key financial institutions have come under fire in the past, either as a result of their own wrongdoing, or due to a larger systemic crisis.

SNB Abandon of the Euro Cap – 6 immediate actions to be prepared for the new CHF volatility

Since the SNB decision to release the EUR cap the CHF is back in a free floating and volatile FX market. The CHF bull rally triggered significant financial impacts to those that relied in their hedging strategy on the SNB floor. Here are 6 immediate actions to deal with the new situation.

Top managers as fraudsters: How can ethical leadership and the tone at the top be measured?

The Fraud Barometer 2014 once again shows that fraud is also committed by people in upper management. In 2014 KPMG registered 77 major cases of white-collar crime in Switzerland. In the 18 cases in which the perpetrators came from the ranks of upper management, an average loss of CHF 9.3 million was incurred per case.

Indirect real estate investments: Sustained demand

Indirect real estate investments were one of the most attractive investment classes for Swiss investors in 2014.

Fraud Barometer 2014: Cybercrime on the rise

At the end of every year, KPMG lists all major incidents of fraud in Switzerland with losses in excess of than CHF 50,000. In 2014 KPMG registered 77 cases of white-collar crime in Switzerland. Compared to the previous year, this represents a 32.7% increase in the number of cases recorded.

SNB-Entscheid – Auswirkungen auf Schweizer Immobilienanlagen

Die überraschende Wende der Schweizer Währungspolitik hat die Wachstumsprognosen für die Schweizer Wirtschaft eingetrübt und zu starken Verwerfungen auf den Finanzmärkten geführt. Es stellt sich die Frage nach den Konsequenzen für den hiesigen Immobilienmarkt.