China, Brexit und die Volatilität des M&A Transaktionsvolumens

Nach einem zurückhaltenden ersten Quartal 2016 zog der M&A-Markt im zweiten Quartal leicht an. Verglichen mit der ersten Jahreshälfte 2015 wurden mit 164 Transaktionen in den ersten sechs Monaten dieses Jahres zwar leicht weniger Deals verzeichnet (-9%), jedoch sorgte die angekündigte Syngenta-Übernahme für ein deutlich höheres Transaktionsvolumen.

7 topics that keep Compliance Officers awake at night

The reality for every Compliance Officer is that no sooner is one risk dealt with, than another arises. This is the product of today’s fast-moving, globally connected world. But fear not. Help is at hand through leading compliance practices and a glimpse into future developments in KPMG’s latest study, “Clarity on Compliance: The future of compliance”.

3 steps to optimize your SAP License Management

SAP licensees need to know what licenses they own, and what they are using them for. As well as being fundamental to the effective control of the technical environment, this information allows licensees to drive better value from software investments and avoid the wasted costs of ‘shelf-ware’.

Cyber Insurance: The next big thing in Switzerland?

The risk of being the victim of a cyber attack has risen sharply in recent years. Against the damage caused by such attacks, firms can protect themselves with so-called cyber insurance. What services do Cyber Insurances offer, who can assure and what should firms know before completing a policy?

White-collar crime: the typical fraudster

Fraud is a global scourge that harms corporate reputations, costs millions and ruins lives. Criminal activities of this nature are taking their toll on numerous companies in Switzerland, too. Yet what does a typical fraudster look like? KPMG took a closer look at this question within the scope of an international study ‘Profile of a Fraudster’.

The next wave of challenges in Cyber Security

Swiss companies are underestimating the cyber risks associated with the Internet of Things. They are still not working together enough on digital security and lack a complete understanding of the threats involved, as illustrated in KPMG’s latest study, “Clarity on Cyber Security”.