Immobilienanlagen von Schweizer Pensionskassen im Tiefzinsumfeld

Immobilien stellen für Vorsorgewerke im momentanen Tiefzinsumfeld eine attraktive Anlageoption dar. Die Schweizer Pensionskassen decken dabei den Grossteil ihrer Immobilieninvestitionen über Direktanlagen im Inland ab. Investitionen im Ausland spielen dagegen nur eine untergeordnete Rolle.

Immobiliengesellschaften sondieren neue Geschäftsfelder

Die kotierten Schweizer Immobiliengesellschaften haben seit ihrer Gründung kurz vor der Jahrtausendwende von einem günstigen Marktumfeld für Immobilienanlagen profitiert. Das schwieriger gewordene Umfeld für Geschäftsliegenschaften bedingt nun, dass sie ihr Geschäftsmodell hinterfragen und neue Geschäftsfelder sondieren.

Digitization: Driving change, changing the game

Two-thirds of CIOs expect digital disruption to fundamentally change their business, according to the latest global Harvey Nash CIO Survey in association with KPMG. The survey represents the views of around 4,000 technology leaders from more than 30 countries all over the world. A good reason to take a closer look at this major game changer.

Quo Vadis Technology?

The Financial Services sector is in transformation mode. It is not enough to have a FinTech collaboration or a team of in-house digital experts. FS institutions have to adjust their existing corporate culture and the overall business model significantly.

Compliance: More than legal requirements and culture

Many companies are spending lots of money and resources on improving their compliance management. Examples of compliance management measures are codes of conduct, whistle blowing procedures and training. Only setting up these formal procedures will not provide a perfect protection. Sometimes we just create a paper tiger.

Data leakage through mobile apps

While installing a mobile app it asks permission to various parts of your smartphone. Without permission, there is no functioning app. What do you do? A decision that is not without risks as "mobile devices" often also have access to company data. So why permission is granted so easily?