Compliance: More than legal requirements and culture

Many companies are spending lots of money and resources on improving their compliance management. Examples of compliance management measures are codes of conduct, whistle blowing procedures and training. Only setting up these formal procedures will not provide a perfect protection. Sometimes we just create a paper tiger.

Data leakage through mobile apps

While installing a mobile app it asks permission to various parts of your smartphone. Without permission, there is no functioning app. What do you do? A decision that is not without risks as "mobile devices" often also have access to company data. So why permission is granted so easily?

Freundliches Klima für Investitionen in Energieinfrastrukturen

Bis vor kurzem war auch der Energiesektor für direkte Infrastrukturinvestitionen grösstenteils geschlossen. Der steigende Energiebedarf und die ambitionierte Schweizer „Energiestrategie 2050“ haben die Ausgangslage im Energieinfrastruktursektor jedoch verändert.

What is a good Code of Conduct?

Now more so than ever, companies are required to provide their employees and investors with information on their sustainability practices and corporate culture. One way of doing so is via codes of conduct. KPMG’s study “Swiss Codes of Conduct” shows that most large Swiss companies do have a code of this kind.

Ungewollte Immobilienverkäufe

Die Einführung einer nationalen Erbschafts- und Schenkungssteuer könnte besonders bei Familienbetrieben zu Liquiditätsengpässen führen und im schlimmsten Fall eine Betriebsaufgabe oder den ungewollten Verkauf von Immobilien zur Folge haben.

Health insurance companies: from multichannel to omnichannel management

Swiss health insurance companies are seeing the ongoing digitalization of their processes: as customer needs and technologies changing simultaneously, new communication channels and customer touchpoints are emerging. How can health insurance companies take advantage of these trends for their customer interactions?