Commodities Trading

Falling behind the risk

Risk management is at the top of the global executive agenda as companies face an array of threats that grow more complex every day. The risks are vast and ever-present and those companies that fail to manage them well imperil their future.

FATCA – Implications for Non-Financial Groups? – New Deadline

Although FATCA’s primary impact is on foreign financial institutions (FFIs), non-financial groups and entities are also subject to FATCA in their role as a US payor/withholding agent or as a foreign payee/recipient of payments subject to FATCA. As such, FATCA will impose significant compliance requirements on non-financials groups.

The value of transparency for commodity traders

The economic crisis of 2008 has already led to a significant increase in the regulation of financial and corporate activity, particularly regarding governance, accountability and transparency. What are the likely consequences in Switzerland resulting from the attention being given to the commodities traders? Today they remain very discreet, but will the giants o […]

Risk management and financial reporting for commodity trading

Trading commodities has been the foundation of human economic activity through the ages, fundamental for our survival as individuals and fundamental for the sustainability of our economic and social systems. It is understandable that the attention and interest of civil society in the way we manage these important resources is increasing.
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Commodity trading firms challenged by MiFID II

New EU financial market rules on the financial industry are likely to impact commodity trading companies. One of the most relevant in this regards is MiFID II.

International regulation and commodities trading

Some new regulations intended primarily for the financial industry may also have a significant impact on the capital-intensive commodities trading industry. Among these are the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), over-the-counter (OTC) contracts and the market abuse regulation (MAD/MAR). What is the current state of these regulations and how do t […]