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SNB Abandon of the Euro Cap – Impact on Financial Institutions

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) ended its three-year-long cap of 1.20 Swiss franc per Euro, triggering a record surge in the Swiss franc against the Euro, resulting in the Swiss franc’s highest gain in more than three years versus the US dollar. The SNB’s decision will undoubtedly cause a number of additional challenges to Financial Institutions.

AIA Umsetzungsgesetzgebung als entscheidender Schritt

Mit der Veröffentlichung der Vernehmlassungsvorlage zur Umsetzung des AIA durch die Schweiz am 14. Januar 2015 treibt der Bundesrat die Einführung des AIA weiter voran. Die Vernehmlassung betrifft nicht nur die multilaterale Vereinbarung über den AIA, sondern auch das Amtshilfeübereinkommen der OECD und des Europarats.

Frontiers in Finance

The current issue of 'Frontiers in Finance' addresses the various challenges facing senior executives at financial services companies worldwide. In the insurance sector, more progressive management teams are thinking about how advanced data analytics tools, data management systems and digitalized processes can help them in every aspect of the business chain.

Swiss Financial Market: Regulatory Outlook 2015

Regulatory bodies all over the world continue to address issues that became apparent in the financial crisis. The beginning of the New Year is a good point in time to take stock of the regulations that has entered into force on 1 January 2015, and of regulations in discussion during 2015.

Finding your way in a world of change

Each one of us is used to operating in uncertain - even volatile - markets. While we may often wish for more breathing space to think, reflect and plan, we are rarely afforded that opportunity. „The only constant is change“ is the only truly predictable reality. What does vary however, is the speed of change.

Bedrohung durch Cyberattacken – Neue regulatorische Anforderungen für Finanzinstitute?

Aufsichtsbehörden haben Cyberattacken auf Finanzunternehmen als Risiko für die Finanzstabilität ihrer Länder identifiziert. Verschiedene Aufsichtsbehörden haben Assessments für Banken ausgearbeitet.