Financial Services

Bedrohung durch Cyberattacken – Neue regulatorische Anforderungen für Finanzinstitute?

Aufsichtsbehörden haben Cyberattacken auf Finanzunternehmen als Risiko für die Finanzstabilität ihrer Länder identifiziert. Verschiedene Aufsichtsbehörden haben Assessments für Banken ausgearbeitet.

Finance Transformation – the impact on actuaries and actuarial departments

Many leading insurers are currently undertaking a Finance Transformation program. Whilst Finance Transformation is wide ranging and typically affects most functional areas of an insurer, actuaries can play a key role in shaping the future landscape.

AEoI – It is time to regularize undeclared accounts

Tax transparency has become one of the most important objectives on the agenda of governments throughout Europe and all important financial centers. The question is no longer whether the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI) will enter into force but when and with which countries.

EU banking stress-test – Consequences for Swiss institutions

123 EU banking groups and EUR 28,000 billion of assets reviewed - these are some of the key figures of the European Banking Authority’s (EBA) asset quality review and stress testing. 18% of performing loans scrutinized were reclassified to non-performing and an aggregate capital shortfall of EUR 24.6 billion arose.
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G20 Leader Summit 2014

The 2014 G20 summit will be the ninth meeting of the G20 heads of government. It will take place in Brisbane on the 15th and 16th of November and will be an opportune moment for policy-makers to reflect upon the work that has been done so far. The G20 announced that it wants to shift its attention to strengthening growth and creating jobs.

Transforming Insurance – It starts now

The insurance world is awash with talk of digital, big data and data analytics. The whole insurance value chain is impacted, from distribution to intermediation, risk carriers and service providers, as other industries from e-retailers to automotive set foot in insurance markets, and pension funds and hedge funds finance capital market solutions.