Industry insights

La croissance par l’analyse du portefeuille stratégique

"Optimiser et développer les prestations fournies par notre institution", "poursuivre le développement de notre domaine X ou Y" ou encore "accroître notre compétitivité", tels sont certains des projets clés ressortant des plans stratégiques actuels des hôpitaux romands.

Industry 4.0: Is Switzerland Ready? Part 2

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is seeing an incredible increase in both digitization and the digital integration of products and parts of the value chain. So how can companies optimize their processes and protect their data in a time when everything is part of an integrated network?

Industry 4.0: Is Switzerland Ready? Part 1

Now, amid worldwide digital transformation, Switzerland’s task is to create a framework of conditions that ensure it remains a top, competitive business location. The question is, which framework conditions will make or break Switzerland as a competitive business location in a world where the Fourth Industrial Revolution is becoming a reality?

CEOs set a high bar for their CFOs

In today’s complex global economy, what do CEOs expect from their CFOs? The answer: strategic partners. KPMG surveyed over 500 executives across the globe to explore the CFO through a CEO lens.

Familienunternehmen zwischen Tradition und Innovation

Familienunternehmen gehören zu den häufigsten Organisationsformen der heutigen Geschäftswelt und sie sind eine treibende Kraft in der Weltwirtschaft. Auch in der Schweiz können rund 88% aller Unternehmen als Familienunternehmen bezeichnet werden. Was ist ihr Erfolgsrezept?

Luxury online spending on the rise in China

The latest China's Connected Consumers report reveals the growing sophistication of the Chinese consumer when it comes to luxury online spending. No longer are they just following trends, they are setting the pace and increasingly are the driving force in a dynamic environment.