Clarity on Swiss Taxes – Beyond limits

When it comes to tax and business, Switzerland remains competitive on the global tax stage, as confirmed by KPMG’s latest “Swiss Tax Report 2018” which compares corporate and income tax rates in 130 countries as well as all 26 cantons.

Projet Fiscal 17 – Le Conseil fédéral publie le message pour le Parlement

En date du 21 mars 2018, le Conseil fédéral a présenté le message relatif au Projet Fiscal 17 (ci-après «PF 17»). Le Conseil fédéral a souligné la nécessité du PF 17 afin de maintenir la compétitivité de la Suisse tout en garantissant la création de valeurs, d’emplois ainsi qu’en préservant les recettes fiscales.

Tax Proposal 17 – Federal Council releases dispatch to parliament

On Wednesday 21 March 2018, the Swiss Federal Council published its dispatch on the Tax Proposal 17. The federal Council clearly stated the necessity of the Tax Proposal 17 in order to maintain Switzerland’s position as a competitive business location, to support value creation, jobs and tax revenues in Switzerland.

Immobilienfonds: Neues ESTV Kreisschreiben 25 publik

Für Immobilienfonds mit direktem Grundbesitz, die bislang den Steuerbehörden nur einen Jahresabschluss nach KAG eingereicht haben, ist das neue Kreisschreiben 25 der ESTV besonders relevant. Reichen sie mit dem nächsten Geschäftsabschluss keine Überleitung zu einem OR Abschluss ein, droht die sofortige Besteuerung der stillen Reserven.

How FINMA’s ICO Guidelines impact future ICOs in Switzerland

Facing a rising tide of ICO inquiries, FINMA’s ICO Guidelines provide a more transparent regulatory framework. The guidelines address the regulatory treatment of ICO structures, anti-money laundering regulation and securities law. We offer insight into the guidelines’ impact on future ICOs in Switzerland.

Tax Proposal 17 – dispatch parameters defined

After confirming the schedule of the Tax Proposal 17, the Federal Council has now set the parameters for the dispatch. Based on the results of the consultation procedure, the Federal Council has decided to mainly maintain the proposal as issued for consultation. Details of the final proposal within the dispatch are expected at the end of March 2018.