Brexit: Is Switzerland an attractive alternative for resident non-doms?

Prior to the referendum, questions asking how Brexit might affect the freedom of travel and other aspects of daily life were in the spotlight. As the implications of the UK’s vote are being felt across Europe and beyond, our focus shifts beyond issues of travel towards what Brexit means for resident non-doms and their existing or future Swiss connections.

What is Brexit’s impact on the legal and regulatory side of business?

Despite the unpredictable time frame, companies currently doing business in the UK need to assess Brexit’s impact on their business now in order to develop a strategy to deal with it. How do you assess Brexit’s future impact on the regulatory environment from today’s point of view?

What impact does Brexit have on supply chains and customs?

Everyone is talking about what the UK’s trade relationships will look like after Brexit. Whatever those may be in the future, right now it’s clear that the goods produced in or coming from the UK will lose their status of EU preferential origin. Now is the time for companies to consider what this means for their business.
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Brexit: What does it mean for immigration?

Companies cannot wait for the picture to become clear. They need to start now: assessing how Brexit might affect their business and future strategy; defining what risks might emerge; and outlining how best to address these challenges. How do you assess Brexit’s impact on immigration considerations?

Zurich cantonal government is seeking to make Zurich more attractive from a tax perspective

Following the latest discussions on federal level regarding the Corporate Tax Reform III, the Zurich cantonal government decided to reduce its ordinary tax rate from the current 21.1% to 18.2% which is ultimately beneficial to all Zurich companies.

Brexit: How can multinational companies mitigate their risks?

Britain has decided to leave the European Union, sending shockwaves throughout Europe and far beyond. The decision has created huge uncertainty as to the future of the UK and of the entire European continent. What can foreign multinational companies (MNCs) do to mitigate the risks resulting from this decision?