Non-tax compliant clients can be caught by group requests

The Swiss Federal Tax Administration has recently approved a Dutch group request for administrative assistance affecting clients directly. It is expected that the Netherlands will soon target other Swiss banks’ clients as well and that other countries will follow this approach.

Gathering speed: Transforming Switzerland’s tax functions

New regulatory requirements, growing government requests and increasing demands from internal and external stakeholders for greater compliance… The pressures on tax functions are mounting, forcing companies to rethink their operational set-ups.

AIA zwischen Liechtenstein und EU ab 1. Januar 2016

Liechtenstein hat sich 2014 zusammen mit 50 anderen Early Adopter Staaten zur Umsetzung des Automatischen Informationsaustauschs (AIA) per 1.1. 2016 verpflichtet. Nach der Unterzeichnung des Abkommens mit der EU müssen liechtensteinische Banken, Versicherungen und bestimmte Investmentunternehmen 2017 erstmals betreffend das Jahr 2016 eine Meldung vornehmen.

How attractive are European Life Sciences Sites?

KPMG’s newest report on leading Life Sciences Clusters in Europe, released on 3 November 2015 at the Bio Europe Congress, reveals important differences between different countries in Europe and their attractiveness for Foreign Direct Investments for the Life Sciences Industry.

Foreign work assignments as financial risks

Secondments abroad contain financial risks for the home company. A secondment does not exclusively impact the employee and his administrative situation - the activity of the employee has also a direct impact on the taxes and social security of the home company.

Sending employees abroad – what you need to know

Sending employees abroad might constitute a permanent establishment abroad, i.e. the Swiss entity becomes liable to income tax in the host country.