Brexit: What does it mean for customs and VAT?

So, 52% of the British have voted to leave the EU yesterday, sending shockwaves around the world. What now? This article provides a snapshot of what could be the future from an indirect tax perspective.

Corporate Tax Reform III: Switzerland’s tax system remains attractive

On June 14th 2016 the National Council followed the position of the Council of States and a final decision on CTR III was taken. The reform underlines the aim to strengthen Switzerland as a business location, focusing on innovation, value creation and jobs. The law provisions passed are compatible with the current international standards.

Smart Site Selection for Life Sciences Companies

Life science companies have to future-proof their value chain by placing functions, assets and risks in locations where they are planning to have their profits taxed. Structures where profit allocations are made in tax-beneficent locations with little or no substance are no longer viable.

AEoI Ordinance: a step closer to implementing the AEoI

On 18 May 2016, the Swiss Federal Council launched the consultation period on the Ordinance on the Automatic Exchange of Information in Tax Matters (AEoI). The purpose of the AEoI Ordinance is to regulate further relevant details on how the AEoI is to be implemented.

Swiss IHQs: 6 questions on upcoming tax developments

The tax world is currently undergoing significant and very rapid changes. In such a shifting environment, International Headquarters’ tax professionals should have in mind 6 questions.

Grosse Ungewissheit in den Schweizer Wirtschaftsregionen

Die Schweizer Wirtschaft ist verunsichert. Wir haben die Spitzenvertreter von 10 kantonalen Handels- und Industriekammern nach den grössten Herausforderungen für ihre jeweiligen Wirtschaftsregionen befragt.