CEO Outlook: The Swiss economy looks set to keep growing

in Industry insights, 04.07.2016

In a global KPMG study surveying 1,300 CEOs worldwide, Swiss CEOs see the future of their companies in a more positive light than the international average. 66 percent of Swiss business leaders believe their companies will experience growth over the next three years, whilst the international average is at 47 percent, which in itself is a relatively positive sign. The same is true of macroeconomic developments in the domestic market: 46 percent of Swiss CEOs foresee the domestic market to keep growing, while only 35 percent of their international peers feel similarly positive. The fact that Swiss CEOs expect the Swiss market to develop so much more positively than their international peers is all the more interesting in the face of the fact that Swiss and international CEOs seem to have a similar view of the global economy. In both cases, about 38 percent of CEOs see a positive trend in the global economy.

Growth also in headcounts

That Swiss CEOs see the future in a better light than the global average is corroborated in their expectations concerning headcounts: 44 percent of Swiss company heads anticipate stocking up their headcount by an excellent 11-25 percent! Internationally, only 23 percent of CEOs hope to increase their headcount to that tune. What is quite striking is that not a single one of the interviewed CEOs is looking to decrease their staff in the coming three years. This finding is reflected in the estimation of Swiss CEOs that automation will not go hand-in-hand with a substantial loss of jobs or that jobs will be eliminated by digitization programs but rather that such a digital upheaval will more than compensate by creating new jobs in highly specialized fields. Furthermore, 26 percent of Swiss CEOs are planning to in-source/on-shore services again, thus creating new positions this way. These sentiments are aptly reflected by KPMG, which has markedly increased its headcount over the last few years despite the heavy digitization of the audit and consulting business.

Full survey: CEO Outlook – Now or Never


What is the CEO Outlook?

KPMG has asked more than 1,300 CEOs in a global cross-industry study on their take on medium-term growth perspectives and transaction expectations, on the promotion of innovation, the handling of digitization and risks and human resources.

In the current series of articles, I will further highlight some of the specific perceptions of the Swiss CEOs who participated in this study.



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