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in Advisory, 12.07.2016

Since the invalidation of the safe harbor framework and the finalization of the General Data Protection Regulation, many organizations have asked us about the impact on their overall privacy compliance. Moreover, organizations want to know which areas they should focus on for their data privacy governance. To get a high-level overview of your organizations health on privacy we have launched the free online Privacy Health Check.

By now you must have heard about the changes in data protection regulation that are upon us, and if not, read up on our coverage about data protection regulation. Key take-away: future fines for data protection incompliance will amount up to 4 percent of global annual turnover!

To respond to the increasing number of questions around data protection compliance and data privacy governance, we have designed the Privacy Health Check. This online check quickly gives you an indication of your organization’s privacy health and outlines the privacy governance focus areas for improving your organization’s privacy management.

The privacy health check requires approximately 10 minutes to complete and gives you a high-level indication of your organization’s privacy-governance maturity, taking international data protection regulations, like the GDPR, into account. The privacy health check consists of 22 yes/no questions, which are structured around the 12 elements of KPMG’s privacy governance model.

In our experience, many organizations struggle with defining and maintaining an enterprise-wide privacy governance framework. Yet, in a drastically changing privacy compliance environment, it is imperative that organizations take the right steps in achieving and maintaining privacy compliance. A privacy governance framework tailored to your organization’s needs and (regulatory) challenges is key. Our privacy governance model serves as a solid and pragmatic basis for assessing, organizing and overseeing privacy in your organization.

When you take the privacy health check you’ll get a score of overall privacy health and a summary of discoveries that highlight relevant privacy governance focus areas for your organization. You’ll also receive your results per email in a free PDF report which you could use to discuss the topic with internal stakeholders.

The privacy health check is an excellent tool for your organization to use as the catalyst for improving privacy governance. Complete the privacy health check today.





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  1. Marlene Dobretsberger

    A great article, and important step for many industries. Would be good to follow-up on data protection regulations for pharmaceutical industries in particular, as they are facing new challenges in terms of patient and drug information systems. Again great insights – many thanks!

    • Jeffrey Bholasing

      Thanks for your compliment. Very valid point that the pharmaceutical sector should pay extra attention to the GDPR and other data protection relevant regulations, considering the types and amount of data they and/or their third parties process. Also see our article on data protection changes in the “Clarity on Compliance” publication, where we included a ‘sector highlight’ on the pharmaceutical sector (p.32):

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