Is your labor force going digital?

in Advisory, 04.10.2017

Digital labor is one of the biggest disruptors of our time and it is continuously gathering speed and sophistication. Developing and implementing a strategy for it can augment and/or automate the tasks of your highly skilled workforce. And with digital labor already around us, there is no better time than now to take advantage of the high-technology initiatives. Have you already started using some form of digital labor? Or are you unsure of how to move forward? Our Clarity on Digital Labor helps you to gain a better understanding of what it is and how your organization can make the most of its opportunities.

What exactly is digital labor?

The digital labor technologies range from automating activities, such as cutting and pasting content from one system to another (Robotic Process Automation), to cognitive solutions that can think, learn and reason like humans (Artificial Intelligence). In its most advanced form, digital labor interprets vast amounts of data from multiple structures and unstructured sources along with decision making based on a mix of evidence and probability.

The potential of digital labor

Innovation leaders see digital labor as more than merely a technology implementation. Digital labor is part of a holistic strategy that impacts the entire organization and potentially results in a performance improvement of each employee, ensures quality and accuracy and cuts significant labor costs. In other words, whether you are a financial services organization or a consumer product company, digital labor can change the landscape of your back-office operations and is likely to affect your front-office functions too.

Digital labor opportunities

Those who choose to ignore or who struggle to understand how to approach digital labor, will find themselves falling behind. Because, while it can be challenging to identify the precise point where to implement digital labor in your business, the pay-off is tremendous. Indeed, it is no longer a question of ’if’, but ’where’ and ’how quickly’.

The key is to assess your digital labor potential the same way you would evaluate any other business opportunity – but to recognize the urgency and the possible business impacts from being an early adopter.

Taking your next digital labor step

While digital labor may seem challenging (and it can be tricky to know to identify where to begin), you don’t necessarily need to take a ’big bang’ approach. In fact, most organizations tackle the digital labor force in an incremental manner. The Clarity on Digital Labor helps you understand the various layers of digital labor and outlines the key considerations you should deliberate before starting your digital labor initiatives.

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