KPMG stays in shape with Nicola Spirig

in Firm, 27.03.2017

KPMG gets moving with its new initiative “Stay healthy – Move for charity”. Linking our fitness goals to charity – the more we move, the more we donate – we encourage employees to stay fit by exercising daily. Keeping us on track, Nicola Spirig, triathlete and Olympic gold medalist, is our patron.

Not only do health and fitness boost personal well-being, they are also key success factors from a business perspective. Sport keeps body and mind in shape, and is a big part of my life. Keeping fit gives me energy – sport and exercise are essential to my well-being, helping me to stay innovative and think clearly.


(Team KPMG at Tortour 2016: Stefan Pfister, Michael Blume, Herbert Bussmann, Roger Clavadetscher)

We know that working in audit and advisory is both mentally and physically demanding, so KPMG has recently launched an exercise initiative called “Stay healthy – Move for charity”. Through this initiative, we aim to increase our staff’s awareness around the topic of health and fitness and encourage them to exercise regularly. As auditors and advisors, we sit for a sizeable chunk of our day and the work is mentally challenging and at times extremely stressful. This can lead to a great deal of physical tension. With that in mind, it’s vital that we offset the impact of our work by moving and exercising regularly.

The initiative’s patron is none other than Nicola Spirig, top Swiss triathlete and Olympic gold medalist, who will help KPMG on its way toward improving our health and fitness.

Nicola Spirig

(Nicola Spirig, top triathlete and former Olympic gold medalist / Image source: Kirsten Stenzel)

I’m excited about the collaboration – Nicola is one of those rare individuals who understands how to combine professionalism, fun and success through sports. There are interesting parallels between this top athlete and KPMG. To be successful, Nicola must regularly achieve peak performance in three disciplines: in the water, on a bike and while running. We, too, need to bring peak performance in three disciplines – audit, tax and advisory – to be successful on the market.

Donation to a charitable cause for every kilometer travelled

For six months, KPMG staff will be collecting money for a charitable cause with each kilometer they run, swim or bike. And for each kilometer walked. KPMG developed an app to record and store all of the kilometers amassed by the participants. They can then decide whether their totals will go to benefit the “Nicola Spirig Foundation”, the “Verein Tischlein deck dich” organization or the “Schweizer Berghilfe” foundation.

The initiative kicks off on 21 April 2017 at an employee event featuring Nicola Spirig and ends on 9 September 2017 with an athletic event on Lake Constance where employees will have a chance to compete against her.



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