Recruiting: How does KPMG reach the desired target group?

in Career, 29.02.2016

Finding the right talent is always a rather difficult task for companies. Successful recruiting, especially of graduate candidates, is a challenge in the highly competitive Swiss labor market. So, how is this target group best approached?

Staff recruitment by employer branding

Employer Branding is a corporate strategy to present a company as an attractive employer, thus differentiating it from its competitors. This long-term positioning aims at enthusing the best talent for the company, ultimately winning them as future employees.

As an employer, KPMG is an independent Swiss company with close ties to the international KPMG network. This network structure provides for multifaceted and attractive career paths. Another important aspect of the KPMG employer brand is the on-the-job and formal education and training offered. For its strategic positioning, KPMG uses various channels – among others

  • its detailed career website,
  • job advertisements on various platforms; and
  • its presence at regional and national career fairs.

Also, our graduate programs in Audit, Tax Advisory and Advisory are a key part in positioning KPMG as an attractive employer for the graduates target group.

Two flagship events of KPMG Switzerland complement the portfolio. They not only increase the public’s familiarity with the KPMG brand but specifically make us stand out from among our competitors. Every autumn, the first part of the KPMG International Case Competition is held, followed by the finale in Dubai in spring. In addition, KPMG organizes the largest student quiz in German-speaking Switzerland: the KPMG Knowledge Quiz, which runs from February to April each year.

The KPMG Knowledge Quiz

On the one hand, students and graduates of Economics, Law and Computer Sciences are generally much sought after on the Swiss labor market and, on the other hand, they are also a highly relevant target group for KPMG. However, many consider KPMG’s profile to be somewhat blurry. It is therefore only towards the end of their academic career that students start thinking about potential career choices that the image of potential employers takes shape. Being in contact with students on a regular basis is therefore key. Here, KPMG’s student knowledge quiz helps sharpen our profile. The quiz reaches a very wide audience within a relatively short time frame and can heighten awareness of KPMG. In addition, students start interacting with KPMG in a playful way. Ideally, this piques their curiosity to want to know more about our company and even consider KPMG as a future employer.

How does the quiz work?

In order to qualify for the finale, where players are present in person, a player has to pass the first round online over the course of three weeks, where the students collect points for their university by answering general knowledge questions. The online qualification allows an unlimited number of students to play. Because of the weekly prizes, this qualification round is very popular. The eight universities and professional schools that have accumulated the highest number of points qualify for the finale in Zurich. A team then consists of the three best scorers of that particular institution (one of each week) of the eight highest-scoring universities and professional schools, plus three other students from the same academic institution. The quiz is promoted in a far-reaching communication campaign with the help of print and online advertising as well as a flyer campaign at German-speaking Swiss universities and professional schools.

The KPMG Knowledge Quiz promotes knowledge and team spirit – two aspects that are very important at KPMG. At the live finale, students also have the opportunity to interact with KPMG employees, asking them questions about the industry or the company. With over 3000 playing in the qualification and over 200 guests at the finale, the KPMG Knowledge Quiz is the largest student quiz in German-speaking Switzerland and as such, an ideal employer branding tool.

The online qualification of the KPMG Knowledge Quiz runs up to 28 March 2016 at The live finale will take place on 8 April 2016.



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