Stepping up recruitment: KPMG International Case Competition

in Career, 22.04.2015

The KPMG International Case Competition (KICC) is KPMG’s flagship global graduate recruitment program bringing together partners, directors, recruiting staff and students from 28 KPMG member countries. KICC recently took place in Dubai, UAE from 13 to 17 April 2015.

Go international

Students and graduates are highly sought after by employers competing for the best students. Recruitment activities range from sponsoring student associations, and marketing at campus or career fairs to organizing workshops that give students hands-on experience of what we do. To stand out from the competition as an employer, one needs to be bold and go big. And what do students value most? A global mindset. KPMG’s answer is to offer our flagship graduate recruitment program – KPMG International Case Competition (KICC) – a real differentiator on the recruiting market for KPMG Switzerland.

This year, KICC took place in Dubai, UAE in association with Emirates – one of the most dynamic and innovative airlines in the world. The competition attracted over 21,000 student applications from more than 550 universities across 28 countries. To reach the final, staged at the Emirates Aviation College, 28 teams competed for four days developing solutions to realistic business scenarios and challenges. After careful deliberation, Team Sweden won the competition based on the way they analyzed the business needs of each case and built their recommendations and solutions. The Swiss team put in a super effort and came in tenth out of 28 teams – a great achievement.

How KICC works

Member firms host national case competitions, and the winning teams from each participating country are sent to the global final. The international competition is judged by a panel of KPMG partners and directors and each team competes to progress through various rounds to reach the final and win. The atmosphere is intense, the cases are challenging, but the effort is rewarding and a lot of fun. For the students, KICC is the best way to get to know KPMG leadership and the KPMG brand.

This year, the business cases focused on the airline industry. During the competition, student teams analyzed at least two case studies and presented their findings back to the judges. Each round built upon the last as the competition progressed – challenging the students to continuously expand their thinking and learn from the feedback they were given in previous rounds.

The Swedish, Spanish and British teams progressed to the final round on day four and were given three hours to develop a 30 minute presentation and then present it not only to the judges, but to the whole plenary of students, country recruiters and Emirates leadership. The challenging case studies were balanced by many opportunities to mingle and network including a dune safari, a traditional Arabian night with belly dancers and local cuisine and a roof-top celebration of Sweden’s success at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Student feedback was very positive!

Become the employer of choice

KICC challenges students to review and develop solutions for a number of business case studies, giving them an experience of what working at KPMG would be like and insight into the client challenges we address around the world everyday. KICC is a great way to position the KPMG brand amongst students as it provides hands-on experience with key business issues, offers travel to a new destination and a lot of fun, while widening our international network and making a positive impression on potential recruits. Today, as an employer you need to stand out from the competition. Organizing activities that provide challenging opportunities to learn and above all, have fun while participating are key to stepping up recruitment. Having already achieved good recruiting results in Switzerland after our second year participating in KICC, we are looking forward to next year.



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