Tax goes IT

Gone are the days when tax advice was a secret science limited to preparing written submissions and obtaining rulings. Modern tax advisory services increasingly draw on IT, with the use of software solutions gradually becoming the norm. Tax goes IT, so to speak.

Why a strong corporate culture matters more than ever

The constant reports of misconduct highlights how banks and their supervisors are still struggling to get to grips with corporate culture and conduct. Culture and conduct starts from the top, but it must be reinforced by the tone at the middle, and critically the tone at the customer front line. How do you embed a ‘good’ culture in your organization?

Compliance & Digitalization geht nicht ohne Datenmanagement

Das Bedürfnis der Regulatoren nach umfassenden Bankdaten nimmt weiter zu. Regulatorien belasten diejenigen Finanzinstitute, deren Daten und Applikationen nicht auf diese Anforderungen ausgelegt sind. Hohe Compliance-Kosten lassen keinen Platz mehr für Innovationsbudgets. Sie sind mittlerweile so hoch, dass sich kleinere Banken in ihrer Existenz bedroht sehen.

Swiss Financial Market: Regulatory Outlook 2015

Regulatory bodies all over the world continue to address issues that became apparent in the financial crisis. The beginning of the New Year is a good point in time to take stock of the regulations that has entered into force on 1 January 2015, and of regulations in discussion during 2015.

IFRS 9 becomes a reality for financial instruments accounting

The long-awaited IFRS standard on financial instruments is now finalised. After years of deliberations and revised proposals, the IASB has issued in its final form IFRS 9 Financial Instruments.
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Operationelle Risiken – Im Fokus der Regulatoren

Am 1. Oktober 2013 hat die FINMA ihre definitive Fassung des teilrevidierten Rundschreibens "Operationelle Risiken Banken" veröffentlicht, in welchem sie die qualitativen Anforderungen ans Management von operationellen Risiken sowie den Umgang mit elektronischen Kundendaten konkretisiert.
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