Smart Site Selection for Life Sciences Companies

Life science companies have to future-proof their value chain by placing functions, assets and risks in locations where they are planning to have their profits taxed. Structures where profit allocations are made in tax-beneficent locations with little or no substance are no longer viable.

How attractive are European Life Sciences Sites?

KPMG’s newest report on leading Life Sciences Clusters in Europe, released on 3 November 2015 at the Bio Europe Congress, reveals important differences between different countries in Europe and their attractiveness for Foreign Direct Investments for the Life Sciences Industry.

Swiss Stock Exchange attractive for Indian Life Sciences Companies

Switzerland is a favorite for globally leading life sciences companies. This, as well as its ranking as a global financial center is mirrored in the fact that the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich and its little cousin, the BX Berne eXchange, are attractive for listings of companies from the life sciences and high-tech industries from everywhere in the world.
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Life Sciences Clusters in Europe

What makes a European Life Science site attractive to foreign investors? KPMG Switzerland’s Global Location Evaluation Services collaborated with Venture Valuation, a business intelligence boutique specializing in Life Sciences (LS), to analyze previously unpublished data comparing leading European LS clusters.