Data privacy

The power of the cloud: mitigate risks and embrace opportunities

Cloud computing is driving digital transformation. And it’s the engine behind the Internet of Things (IoT). Still, executives are reluctant to fully embrace cloud technology. Our white paper “The Power of the Cloud” offers insight into the risks and the opportunities when adopting cloud solutions.

Schweizer Datenschutzgesetz: Resultate der Vernehmlassung

Am 21. Dezember 2016 veröffentlichte der Bundesrat den Vorentwurf zur Totalrevision des Schweizer Datenschutzgesetzes (VE-DSG). Die darauffolgenden Stellungnahmen der verschiedenen Anspruchsgruppen stellten rasch klar, dass der Vorentwurf nachgebessert werden muss.

Protecting customer data isn’t enough. What about employee data?

With the publication of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), organizations began assessing the regulation’s impact. When it comes to evaluating personal data, enterprises tend to focus on customer data. But what about employee data?

Cyber Insurance: The next big thing in Switzerland?

The risk of being the victim of a cyber attack has risen sharply in recent years. Against the damage caused by such attacks, firms can protect themselves with so-called cyber insurance. What services do Cyber Insurances offer, who can assure and what should firms know before completing a policy?

Operationelle Risiken – Im Fokus der Regulatoren

Am 1. Oktober 2013 hat die FINMA ihre definitive Fassung des teilrevidierten Rundschreibens "Operationelle Risiken Banken" veröffentlicht, in welchem sie die qualitativen Anforderungen ans Management von operationellen Risiken sowie den Umgang mit elektronischen Kundendaten konkretisiert.
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No future for data privacy?

In the context of Big Data, tax transparency and international database systems, the privacy of client data is more important than ever. What are possible ways of dealing with the associated risks and challenges?