Protecting customer data isn’t enough. What about employee data?

With the publication of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), organizations began assessing the regulation’s impact. When it comes to evaluating personal data, enterprises tend to focus on customer data. But what about employee data?

Sending employees abroad: 8 questions you must ask!

Do you know the feeling of uncertainty when sending employees across borders? Today, short-term business trips or longer projects go hand in hand with complex and challenging regulations that are subject to frequent changes. Non-compliance often leads to significant sanctions.

Update: Neue Regeln zur Arbeitszeiterfassung

Seit dem 1. Januar 2016 gelten neue Regeln zur Arbeitszeiterfassung, die es Arbeitnehmerinnen und Arbeitnehmer unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen erlauben, ihre Arbeitszeit nicht mehr oder bloss noch in vereinfachter Form zu erfassen. Inwiefern besteht für Schweizer Arbeitgeber Handlungsbedarf?

New rules on logging working hours: Simplification ahead?

A huge disparity has evolved over the last few years between companies' obligations to maintain detailed timekeeping records and the reality of day-to-day operations in many businesses. Currently valid regulations no longer satisfy modern-day needs and the multitude of working models that currently exist in many industries. This results in legal uncertainty.