Financial Services

Revised basis for video and online identification

The FINMA Circular 2016/07 “Video and online identification” has been partially revised in order to stay abreast with the latest technological developments - on the one hand, it has become more stringent, on the other, certain aspects have been relaxed.

Love it or hate it, we insurance practitioners cannot avoid digitalization

Digitalization helps us manage our business better. It helps us to be more efficient and effective. And most importantly, it helps us serve our customers in a friendlier way.

La nouvelle OBA-FINMA – changements importants

La nouvelle ordonnance de la FINMA contre le blanchiment d’argent entrera en vigueur dès le 1er janvier 2020. Les institutions affectées devraient déjà analyser les exigences supplémentaires et ne pas sous-estimer les efforts qui seront requis pour intégrer ces obligations de diligence plus strictes.

The new AMLO-FINMA – the relevant changes

The new Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance-FINMA will enter into force on 1 January 2020. Affected institutions should deal with the increased requirements at an early stage and not underestimate the effort required for the implementation of individual, tightened obligations.

CDB 20: Stricter professional standards in the fight against money laundering

Stricter self-regulation is an important building block in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. What are the implications of the revised due diligence standards for financial intermediaries?

Insurers drive value with blockchain and telematics

These days it seems everyone is talking about blockchain. Major insurance companies are investing into it, consortiums are forming around it and investors are pouring in capital. It’s early days, yet evidence suggests blockchain will create significant commercial and economic value for the industry.