Expanding right into Europe

Innovation is the life source of Life Sciences. But strategic and meticulous planning is key to commercial success, especially when entering a new regional market.

The 5 most challenging trends for Swiss private bankers

10 percent of private banks did not survive 2015. KPMG’s joint study with the University of St. Gallen finds that many banks’ efforts to adapt their business and operating models to the new environment have proven insufficient. Despite trying to turn around their performances, many banks face a stark reality - they can’t survive.

Stadionbau: Kein Anpfiff ohne institutionelle Investoren

Neuer Anpfiff: Auf dem brachen Zürcher Hardturm-Areal soll endlich ein neues Fussballstadion entstehen. Das Investitionsvolumen für das Privatprojekt mit Mantelnutzung beträgt 500 Millionen Franken. Gelingt dank neuem Konzept der Durchbruch?

Smart Site Selection for Life Sciences Companies

Life science companies have to future-proof their value chain by placing functions, assets and risks in locations where they are planning to have their profits taxed. Structures where profit allocations are made in tax-beneficent locations with little or no substance are no longer viable.

Real estate investments as a treatment for short-sightedness?

At the moment there is no loss of appetite amongst investors. However, the fact that so-called secure investments offer poor yields has caused something of a belly ache. There is a clouded view of the future.

Indian Union Budget 2016 – Continuing reforming

Continuing its course of encouraging foreign investment and as reaction to OECD’s BEPS plan, the Indian government announced at the annual Union Budget Day 2016 a number of reforms, especially addressing various pending tax issues and introducing new tax initiatives.