Luxury online spending on the rise in China

The latest China's Connected Consumers report reveals the growing sophistication of the Chinese consumer when it comes to luxury online spending. No longer are they just following trends, they are setting the pace and increasingly are the driving force in a dynamic environment.

Chinese Consumers: Luxury online spendings are growing

In the recent KPMG survey “China’s Connected Consumers” 10,200 luxury consumers across the country responded to questions regarding their online spending patterns. The results show that purchasing behaviors are changing as more and more consumers go online.

Travelling Chinese consumers positively impact growth of Swiss watch sales

2012 statistics on Swiss watches exportations show that China is the third strongest sales country. However, after an increase of more than 50% at the beginning of 2012, the 12 month growth for this market dropped to 0.6 %. The Chinese consumers however remained important clients for the Swiss watch industry, particularly as tourists on their travels abroad.