Bull markets help Switzerland’s private banks to recover

Switzerland’s private banks are emerging from a dark period in their history. The weight of regulatory change over the past ten years has proved too big a burden for some. And structural change in the industry has caused others to go out of business or be absorbed by competitors.

Bridge the Gaps: How to improve reporting of APMs

Alternative Performance Measures are a relevant aspect in today’s external and internal reporting. Two thirds of Switzerland’s 30 largest companies use them to provide an additional view on sustainable performance and bridge the information gap between investors and management.

A lack of radical change hits Swiss private banks’ performances

Analyzing the performances of 85 of Switzerland’s 114 private banks produces a bleak picture. Almost every key performance indicator (KPI) deteriorated in 2016 – sometimes significantly. The vast majority of banks have not taken the action needed to reverse their decline.

Standort Schweiz: Zuversicht überwiegt, der Druck bleibt aber hoch

Nach einem für den Wirtschaftsstandort Schweiz turbulenten Jahr 2015, hat sich das Umfeld im aktuellen Jahr zwar beruhigt, aber die Herausforderungen in vielen Branchen bleiben hoch. Während die politischen Entscheidungen im Inland keine wesentlichen Veränderungen mit sich brachten, sorgen die Entscheide im Ausland für anhaltende Unsicherheit.

The 5 most challenging trends for Swiss private bankers

10 percent of private banks did not survive 2015. KPMG’s joint study with the University of St. Gallen finds that many banks’ efforts to adapt their business and operating models to the new environment have proven insufficient. Despite trying to turn around their performances, many banks face a stark reality - they can’t survive.

Business Reporting: Room for improvement

Annual reports need to provide more in-depth strategy discussion, backed by relevant operational KPIs so that investors can take a longer-term view of corporate health and performance – according to KPMG's second annual Global Survey of Business Reporting.