Umsatz- und Gewinnrückgang – der Druck auf Schweizer Unternehmen wächst

Die regulatorischen und politischen Rahmenbedingungen für die Geschäftstätigkeit von Schweizer Unternehmen haben sich in den letzten Jahren stark verändert. KPMG hat die aktuelle Lage zum Anlass genommen, um erstmals zum Thema Restrukturierung in der Schweiz eine umfragebasierte Studie aus verschiedenen Branchen durchzuführen.

CEOs set a high bar for their CFOs

In today’s complex global economy, what do CEOs expect from their CFOs? The answer: strategic partners. KPMG surveyed over 500 executives across the globe to explore the CFO through a CEO lens.

Flight or Fight? Swiss private banks must come off the fence

Flight or Fight? Private banks are being faced with a tough decision: whether they prefer to adjust their business and operating models to the new realities or to exit the market. For sure, the recent news of a private bank's insolvency is still considered a rather extraordinary event.

CEOs facing major challenges – in Switzerland and around the world

A global KPMG survey of over 1,200 CEOs reveals the importance of transforming business models and the battle for satisfied customers.In Switzerland, these findings are even more relevant in light of the strong franc, negative interest rates in real terms and unresolved issues surrounding the country’s bilateral relations with the EU.

Companies struggling with large scale planning transformation

The performance of planning and budgeting processes is significantly dependent on the cross-functional collaboration of various planning participants. As a result, many companies are implementing the Integrated Business Planning concept (IBP) within their organization. What are the eight crucial success factors?

8 risk indicators in commodity trading companies

Increased competition, the growing sophistication of customers and investors have forced many organizations to introduce more complex trading products and strategies. With this increase in complexity comes an increase in the associated risks. We have identified eight red flags that could indicate increased risks for stakeholders of commodity trading companies.