Transforming Life Insurance

Reflecting on last year’s trends and considering where the next few months will lead us, the Swiss insurance market will deliver not only healthy short-term results but also be better positioned for sustainable profits. There are still many challenges Swiss life insurers have to face within the next few months.

The new auditor’s report

On 15 January 2015, the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) released its new and revised auditor reporting standards. The new requirements are designed to give users more insight into the audit and improve transparency. The description of key audit matters is the most significant change in the auditor’s report for listed companies.

Swiss GAAP RPC, hôpitaux et traitement des fonds

La plupart des hôpitaux disposent de fonds divers, qu’ils aient une finalité spécifique ou qu’ils soient assortis de dispositions très générales. Avec le passage aux Swiss GAAP RPC, beaucoup d’hôpitaux sont confrontés à la question suivante: que faire avec nos fonds?

Swiss GAAP FER, Spitäler und der Umgang mit Fonds

Die meisten Spitäler verfügen über diverse Fonds, sei es für spezifische Zwecke, oder aber auch Fonds mit sehr allgemein gehaltenen Bestimmungen. Mit der Umstellung auf Swiss GAAP FER stehen viele Spitäler vor der Frage: Was mache ich mit meinen Fonds?

BEPS leads to increased transparency – at the least

Tax morality and transparency and its political impacts have been one of the market’s hot topics recently. The OECD action plan on BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) is one of the most pressing agenda items. It is important to understand the political nature of BEPS in order to assess its implications.