Tax Proposal 17 – Switzerland presents its parameters

Subsequent to the Swiss electorate’s rejection of the Swiss Corporate Tax Reform III on 12 February 2017, the Swiss Federation will soon be presenting a new tax reform. On 9 June 2017, Federal Councilor Ueli Maurer informed the public about the parameters of the new Tax Proposal 17, a reform which is largely based on the Swiss Corporate Tax Reform III.

Stagnating tax rates

As revealed in KPMG’s Swiss Tax Report 2017, no noteworthy shifts in tax rates were discernible for the past year as a whole. Following some minor cuts in 2016, indications this year are pointing to yet another unmistakable trend toward stagnating regular corporate tax rates. The circumstances regarding individual tax rates are similar.

CTR III – The Swiss federation and cantons must go back to the drawing board

The corporate tax reform, recommended by Federal Council, Parliament and 25 cantonal governments, did not find a majority in the Swiss public. The demand of companies for restoration of legal certainty and the pressure of the EU on the abolishment of the cantonal tax status continues.

Zurich cantonal government is seeking to make Zurich more attractive from a tax perspective

Following the latest discussions on federal level regarding the Corporate Tax Reform III, the Zurich cantonal government decided to reduce its ordinary tax rate from the current 21.1% to 18.2% which is ultimately beneficial to all Zurich companies.

Corporate Tax Reform III: Switzerland’s tax system remains attractive

On June 14th 2016 the National Council followed the position of the Council of States and a final decision on CTR III was taken. The reform underlines the aim to strengthen Switzerland as a business location, focusing on innovation, value creation and jobs. The law provisions passed are compatible with the current international standards.

Schwerwiegende Folgen bei einem Scheitern der USR III

Der «Swiss Tax Report 2016» von KPMG vergleicht die Gewinn- und Einkommenssteuersätze von 130 Ländern sowie allen 26 Kantonen. Die anstehende USR III ist im internationalen Steuerwettbewerb von elementarer Bedeutung für die Schweiz. Peter Uebelhart erklärt im Interview, was auf dem Spiel stünde, wenn die Reform scheitern würde.