KPMG Switzerland boosts revenues

In the past fiscal year ended 30 September 2016, KPMG Switzerland made another good showing with all functions contributing to the new record high. Gross revenues of the Swiss firm rose to CHF 549.0 million (+1.5%) and net revenues increased to CHF 403.8 million (+0.5%).

Bundesrat publiziert Botschaft zum neuen Aktienrecht

Die am 23. November 2016 vom Bundesrat verabschiedete und publizierte Botschaft zum neuen Aktienrecht sieht eine Vielzahl grundlegender Neuerungen vor, welche den hiesigen Unternehmen grosse Chancen bieten, aber den Führungsorganen auch mehr Handlungspflichten auferlegen.

Shaping Switzerland’s Digital Future – Seven visionary business opportunities

In order to survive digital transformation and successfully secure its competitive edge in the long term, the Swiss economy will have to win out over a range of disruptive forces. In its whitepaper “Shaping Switzerland’s digital future”, KPMG outlines 7 areas of innovation and opportunity for Switzerland.

Switzerland’s attractiveness for multinational corporations at risk

Multinational corporations are in permanent business transformation mode. Many of them have located key value drivers in Switzerland because of the country’s flexibility and stable business environment. But will Switzerland remain attractive as companies seek to transform their business towards fast and sustainable growth?

Profitabilitäts- und Kostenmanagement: Drei Optimierungsansätze

Ein effektives Profitabilitäts- und Kostenmanagement ist der Kern wichtiger Geschäftsentscheidungen. Eine Profitabilitäts- und Kostenmanagement-Studie von KPMG hat ergeben, dass es insbesondere drei kritische Bereiche gibt, auf die der Fokus gesetzt werden muss, um die Profitabilität und Kostenanalyse entscheidend zu optimieren.

Impact of global and Swiss tax changes on the insurance industry

There are a few upcoming regulatory tax projects which will affect the Swiss insurance industry. On a global level these include the latest tax risks facing the industry in light of the OECD’s base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) reports. On a national level the focus is on the Swiss Corporate Tax Reform III.