Change is the only constant: Trends in shared services and outsourcing

The Shared Service Center (SSC) / Global Business Services (GBS) and outsourcing industry, which is in a state of flux, now needs direction to move towards a mature state. The industry is pulled in different directions due to external and internal forces be it management disconnect, the political environment or the digital technological disruption.

Swiss GAAP FER 30 (Konzernrechnung) auf dem Prüfstand

Die FER-Fachkommission ist aktuell daran, die Regelungen von Swiss GAAP FER 30 zur Konzernrechnung hinsichtlich möglichem Anpassungsbedarf zu überprüfen. Mitte 2018 soll dann final entschieden werden, ob der Standard überarbeitet wird oder nicht.

Dank Digitalisierung CHF 300 Mio. Gesundheitskosten sparen

Eine Studie von KPMG zeigt: Dank konsequenter Digitalisierung lassen sich in der Schweiz jährlich 300 Millionen Franken sparen. Mit dem elektronischen Patientendossier ist die Basis gelegt für eine nachhaltige Bremsung des Kostenanstiegs im Gesundheitswesen.

MiFID II – Swiss VAT impact on service pricing

Under MiFID II, financial institutions providing both execution and research services must price and supply them separately (i.e. unbundled). As the separately supplied research service is subject to 7.7% VAT, the new rule will impact Swiss businesses providing or receiving research services.

US Tax Reform: no breaking but some further news for Swiss groups

A much anticipated tax reform framework was released last week. It serves now as a template for the tax-writing committees of the House and Senate, whereby the details need to be elaborated by these committees. The Framework can thus be viewed as an important but small step on a long, uncertain journey that doesn’t necessarily end in 2017.

Is your labor force going digital?

How will technology change our working lives? A more efficient version of today? Digital labor is one of the biggest disruptors of our time and it is continuously gathering speed and sophistication. Developing and implementing a strategy for it can augment and/or automate the tasks of your highly skilled workforce.