Bill Schiller

Bill Schiller

Partner, Audit Financial Services

Impact of emerging risks on global insurance industry

The role of the insurance risk manager seems to become ever harder. One of his most challenging areas is identifying and assessing emerging risks that may affect his balance sheet.

FINMA’s new Public Disclosure rules pose challenges for insurers

Beginning in financial year 2016, Swiss insurance companies will have to meet new minimum disclosures requirements. The rules – set out in the FINMA circular 2016/02 "Offenlegung Versicherer" – are part of the Swiss regulators’ ongoing policy of bringing Swiss supervision into line with its European Union peers under the Solvency II equivalence framework.

Insurance groups take a portfolio approach to growth

In today’s insurance environment, victory belongs to the bold. Margins are under pressure and competition is heating up; insurers can no longer afford to ‘sit’ on businesses that are underperforming or subscale.

Building a strong insurance risk culture

The financial services market has not ever been as regulated as it is today. The variety of new regulations and the speed of the corresponding international developments are challenging. How companies view these – opportunities?, challenges? – may determine the winners and losers of the future.

Reinsurance – An industry in transition

Switzerland’s reinsurance industry is undergoing a significant transformation, with reinsurers responding at varying speeds to the changing landscape. Our new publication “Clarity on Reinsurance: An industry in upheaval” shines a spotlight on some of the opportunities and challenges facing reinsurers today.

Entwurf zum neuen FINMA Rundschreiben “Offenlegung”

Als Teil eines Anhörungspakets vom 8. Juli 2015 veröffentlichte die FINMA den Entwurf zum neuen FINMA Rundschreiben „Offenlegung“, welches die Details zu der Anforderung eines jährlichen Berichts über die Finanzlage von Versicherungen und Versicherungskonzernen regelt. Was sind die Auswirkungen der neuen Offenlegung?