Matthias Degen

Matthias Degen

Partner, Financial Services

LIBOR phaseout: Deal with tax and transfer pricing issues early

The LIBOR transition impacts tax and transfer pricing (TP) related documentation, agreements and systems enablement significantly. Successfully mitigating this impact requires planning and the joint effort of internal and external stakeholders.
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LIBOR transition challenges: credit spread and new term structure

One challenge to preparing for the LIBOR phaseout is selecting the appropriate credit adjustment spread. Understanding the differences between IBORs and RFRs is essential and you’ll need to consider these aspects when adjusting client contracts or when assessing valuation impacts.
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LIBOR phaseout: What is the impact on Swiss companies?

The LIBOR will be replaced by risk-free reference interest rates by 2021. Swiss companies will have to analyze the impact in order to make a successful transition.