Reiner Denner

Reiner Denner

Partner, Corporate Tax

Indian Union Budget 2016 – Continuing reforming

Continuing its course of encouraging foreign investment and as reaction to OECD’s BEPS plan, the Indian government announced at the annual Union Budget Day 2016 a number of reforms, especially addressing various pending tax issues and introducing new tax initiatives.

India increases foreign investment limits for foreign investors

The Indian government introduced changes to its Foreign Direct Investment Policy in order to stimulate foreign investment, especially in sectors such as construction, retail and defense by increasing sectoral caps, bringing more activities under automatic route and easing some of the conditions to encourage investment in certain sectors.

Is an Indian PAN still required?

An Indian Tax Tribunal has recently held that a taxpayer – making payments to recipients that did not have a PAN (Permanent Account Number) – correctly applied the withholding tax rate according to the double taxation treaties but not as per domestic law. However, PAN regulations are still in force.

Basel: Zurück auf Feld Eins mit der Erbschaftssteuerreform?

Mit der verfassungswidrigen Erbschaftssteuerinitiative droht den beiden Kantonen Basel-Stadt und Basel-Landschaft ein Verlust an Gesetzgebungskompetenz, Standortattraktivität und Steuergerechtigkeit.

Update on Swiss Principal Structures 2015

The IG Principal had a first meeting with the Swiss Federal Tax Authorities (SFTA) last year where some points of the new guidelines regarding the Swiss principal structures were still left open. In February this year IG Principal had a second meeting where most points have been discussed.

Confidence and economic growth in India

On 28 February 2015, the new Government of India, represented by the Finance Minister, Mr. Arun Jaitley, announced its first full year budget 2015. While there does not seem to be any major changes on the direct tax front, the focus of the budget is to provide confidence in the tax system and to inspire economic growth.