Trends in shared services and outsourcing

The Shared Service Center (SSC) / Global Business Services (GBS) and outsourcing industry, which is in a state of flux, now needs direction to move towards a mature state. The industry is pulled in different directions due to external and internal forces be it management disconnect, the political environment or the digital technological disruption.

Is your labor force going digital?

How will technology change our working lives? A more efficient version of today? Digital labor is one of the biggest disruptors of our time and it is continuously gathering speed and sophistication. Developing and implementing a strategy for it can augment and/or automate the tasks of your highly skilled workforce.

Schweizer Datenschutzgesetz: Resultate der Vernehmlassung

Am 21. Dezember 2016 veröffentlichte der Bundesrat den Vorentwurf zur Totalrevision des Schweizer Datenschutzgesetzes (VE-DSG). Die darauffolgenden Stellungnahmen der verschiedenen Anspruchsgruppen stellten rasch klar, dass der Vorentwurf nachgebessert werden muss.

Factors disrupting the Swiss real estate investment market

If a market is being influenced by outside factors, disruptions are bound to arise eventually. Influential factors of this nature can be triggered by tax incentives and have also been observed in connection with the elimination of banking secrecy and capital market interventions. KPMG surveyed investors and appraisers about the Swiss investment property market.

5 essential steps to identify and mitigate third-party risk

How well do you really know your clients, vendors, distributors or local representatives? Many companies underestimate the risks and overestimate the quality of their third-party risk assessment. It’s time to reassess the risks and invest in Third Party Risk Management before the damage is done.

Steigende Leerstände und sinkende Immobilienrenditen auch bei Pensionskassen

In Zeiten von Negativzinsen und tiefen Renditen auf dem Obligationenmarkt setzen Pensionskassen stark auf Immobilienanlagen. Steigende Leerstände und sinkende Renditen schmälern den relevanten Beitrag zur Gesamtperformance der Vorsorgewerke aber zusehends.