Financial Services

Digital labor, regtech and insurtech: Opportunities or threats?

Digitalization has come a long way in the past few years, moving from buzzword to strategic imperative. Driven by a quest for efficiency and effectiveness, and by the growing demands and expectations of customers, regulators and other stakeholders, it now touches almost every part of our businesses.

Enterprise Risk Management: time to shift gear

Chief Risk Officers of (re)insurance companies are presented with a long awaited opportunity to reposition the profile of their function and create value for customers, shareholders and the public at large but their departments need to evolve rapidly to cope with the challenges this entails.

Satisfying the human factor: High Tech, High Touch business models in insurance

Insurers are rethinking their business models to meet customers’ evolving expectations, to seize opportunities arising from digital labor and to navigate the complexity of claims management, data and governance. Find out how in KPMG’s latest Clarity on Insurance Digitalization.

Cyber-Versicherungen – ein neuer Markt entsteht

Innovation gehört nicht zu den stärksten Attributen der Versicherungsindustrie. Das Wachstum in der traditionellen Schaden-Unfallversicherung ist begrenzt. Im grossen Massengeschäft sucht man vergebens nach neuen Produkten, Leistungen oder Weiterentwicklungen des traditionellen Versicherungsgeschäfts.

AEoI’s impact on collective investment schemes and asset managers

If you’re involved in collective investment schemes, you must carefully assess whether you have to fulfil any AEoI obligations. If an entity qualifies as reporting financial institution, it’s important to carry out reporting but also due diligence procedures to identify all reportable persons.

FinSA: First result of treatment by Economic Commission of the Swiss National Council

The Economic Commission of the Swiss National Council started discussing the FinSA at the end of January 2017. So far, the Commission has treated the first 10 articles of the act. However the controversial question whether insurance companies should remain in the scope of the FinSA or not has been delayed for the time being.