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Spital 4.0: Digitalisierung ist Chefsache

Die Digitalisierung in den Spitälern erhält mit der Einführung des Elektronischen Patientendossiers einen enormen Schub. Sie ist für Spital- und Klinikdirektoren eine Chance, ihr Geschäftsmodell zu überdenken und den damit verbundenen kulturellen Wandel voranzutreiben.

Dank Digitalisierung CHF 300 Mio. Gesundheitskosten sparen

Eine Studie von KPMG zeigt: Dank konsequenter Digitalisierung lassen sich in der Schweiz jährlich 300 Millionen Franken sparen. Mit dem elektronischen Patientendossier ist die Basis gelegt für eine nachhaltige Bremsung des Kostenanstiegs im Gesundheitswesen.

Speed, innovation and digitalization as businesses’ top priorities

Boosting speed to market, fostering innovation and implementing disruptive technologies are the top three strategic priorities of global businesses. That is one of the findings of this year’s global, cross-sector survey of around 1,300 CEOs conducted by KPMG.
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Room for improvement: Transparency in Swiss healthcare falls short

Digging for gold or drowning in data? More transparency in healthcare improves quality of care and stabilizes costs over the long run. But there’s still a long way to go. KPMG’s latest report comparing the data transparency in healthcare across 32 countries finds that Switzerland is not alone in its struggle to make the most of transparency.

The decline of the traditional pharmaceutical business model

As the sector stands at a crossroads, the traditional pharmaceutical business model may become obsolete. Although it may be too late to halt its decline, it’s certainly not too late to rethink how pharmaceuticals can adapt and thrive in the face of shifting payer attitudes and patient empowerment.
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Value-based pricing in pharmaceuticals: Hype or Hope?

In the face of stagnant healthcare budgets and ever-growing demand for care, pharmaceutical companies are under severe pressure to demonstrate the value of their products. Value-based pricing has exciting potential to help improve patient outcomes – and at an affordable cost.