A modern new inheritance law?

Until now, one thing inheritance law is clear on is that family ties are unshakable – regardless of how “connected” next of kin are in their lifetime. The law provides for the majority of the decedent's estate to pass to family members. This should continue in the future, but with more freedom.

How FINMA’s ICO Guidelines impact future ICOs in Switzerland

Facing a rising tide of ICO inquiries, FINMA’s ICO Guidelines provide a more transparent regulatory framework. The guidelines address the regulatory treatment of ICO structures, anti-money laundering regulation and securities law. We offer insight into the guidelines’ impact on future ICOs in Switzerland.

Becoming a Swiss citizen: What the upcoming changes to the Swiss Citizen Act mean for you

Recent amendments to the Swiss Citizen Act aim to facilitate the application process and reduce cantonal discretion as of 1 January 2018. One major change: Application will be restricted to C-permit holders as residents holding a B-permit will no longer qualify for naturalization.

Swiss immigration: recent developments and outlook 2018

Looking back at 2017 and forward to 2018, I offer an overview of the latest developments and outline some recommendations for navigating Switzerland’s immigration laws and admission practice. It’s clear employers will have to review recruitment processes before the ‘Stop Mass Immigration’ plan takes effect in July 2018.
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How ‘Stop Mass Immigration’ may impact your recruiting process in 2018

The media describes the current 'Stop Mass Immigration' initiative implementation plan as 'light' or even 'super light'. But, is it really so light? Actually, it looks like the initiative affects far more employers than initially assumed.

Neues Prospektrecht auf der Zielgeraden

Am 4. November 2015 ist die bundesrätliche Botschaft zum Finanzdienstleistungsgesetz, FIDLEG, publiziert worden, das u.a. sektorenübergreifend vereinheitlichte Prospektregeln für das öffentliche Angebot und die Börsenkotierung von Effekten enthält. Inzwischen ist die Vor-lage von beiden Parlamentskammern behandelt worden.