Multinational Companies in China – Making the Right Moves

in Tax, 30.09.2014

KPMG China has co-authored a report with Silk Road Associates, titled “MNCs in China – Making the Right Moves” (Multinational Companies, MNCs). The report highlights the many opportunities that China continues to present for MNCs, as they continue to play a key role in the development of China’s economy.

Despite slowing growth, China continues to be the key market for MNCs. A number of CEOs of multinational companies have been interviewed to understand their key drivers and challenges regarding the Chinese market.

The report highlights the strategic importance of the Chinese market for multinationals and the actions being taken by several leading companies to grasp opportunities and respond to challenges. It also analyzes which promises China still holds in store for MNCs and how they must exploit their first-mover advantage in areas such as shared services, human resources, or R&D.

Key topics of the report include:

  • Rising complexity of doing business in China
  • Importance of new business models
  • Challenges regarding sales in third or fourth-tier cities


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