Frontiers in Finance: Disruption on the Transformation Journey

How well are senior leaders dealing with disruption? Executives face the data revolution and new technologies, the demand for greater customer centricity, and growing constraints imposed by governments and regulators. The issues are far reaching and the solutions require a strategic approach.

Swiss companies must comply with eIDAS for digital access to EU markets

The success of the EU’s Digital Single Market requires secure cross-border electronic transactions. Reliable electronic identification (eID) and trust services such as the creation and verification of electronic signatures are essential. eIDAS Regulation ensures seamless eID and trust across the EU.

Innovation und Transformation als Treiber für Branchenkonvergenz

Die Konvergenz zwischen der Nahrungsmittelindustrie und anderen Sektoren wie dem Gesundheitswesen und dem Einzelhandel setzte sich 2017 fort. In diesem Jahr werden der zunehmende Innovations- und Transformationsdruck zu weiteren M&A führen.

Digitalization reshuffles the deck in life sciences industry

Life science companies will need an integrated digital data strategy with internal and external processes to stay successful and to make use of the available data. At the center of the new life sciency ecosystem is the patient centric view.

Exchange, not isolation, will help the world advance

Every generation believes its problems are bigger, more complex and more unsolvable than those of the previous generation. And when it comes to our generation, this does hold true in some respects. The realization that a radical transformation is needed in many places has never been as widespread as it is today.

Swiss deal appetite fueled by transformation

With private equity activities reaching a record high and mounting pressure to innovate and transform, the 2017 M&A year in Switzerland was a lively one. Remarkable transactions could be seen in the consumer goods, technology & media and pharmaceutical industries, in particular. Get insight into the biggest deals, industry convergence and outlook for 2018.