Leveraging Global Business Services and Digital Labor

The convergence of Global Business Services (GBS), robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning, and advances analytics represent the most disruptive force since the Industrial Revolution. Between now and 2025, up to two-thirds of the $9 trillion knowledge worker market place may be affected.

Elektronisches Patientendossier: Start ins Gesundheitswesen 4.0

Viele Schweizer Spitäler leiden unter ungenügenden Erträgen. Ihre aktuelle EBITA-Marge liegt unter 10 Prozent. Und ab April stehen sie vor einer neuen Herausforderung: Die Einführung des Elektronischen Patientendossiers. Dieses könnte aber zum Katalysator für das Schweizer Gesundheitswesen werden.

KPMG stays in shape with Nicola Spirig

KPMG gets moving with its new initiative “Stay healthy – Move for charity”. Linking our fitness goals to charity – the more we move, the more we donate – we encourage employees to stay fit by exercising daily. Keeping us on track, Nicola Spirig, triathlete and Olympic gold medalist, is our patron.

The decline of the traditional pharmaceutical business model

As the sector stands at a crossroads, the traditional pharmaceutical business model may become obsolete. Although it may be too late to halt its decline, it’s certainly not too late to rethink how pharmaceuticals can adapt and thrive in the face of shifting payer attitudes and patient empowerment.

US Tax Reform: what to expect for Swiss groups and IHQ?

The timing of enactment is anyone’s guess. Based on President’s Trump statements and the fact that the tax reform is very high on the priorities list of the Republican Party, things may move forward rapidly. A draft bill could be released by The House of Representatives within the next month or two.

AEoI’s impact on collective investment schemes and asset managers

If you’re involved in collective investment schemes, you must carefully assess whether you have to fulfil any AEoI obligations. If an entity qualifies as reporting financial institution, it’s important to carry out reporting but also due diligence procedures to identify all reportable persons.