Partial revision of the Insurance Contract Act (ICA)

The ICA governs the contractual relationship between insurance companies and their clients. The law is more than a century old. A partial revision should adjust the ICA to changed circumstances. The following topics are on the agenda for the partial revision: Client segmentation, written form requirements (inclusion of electronic formats), revocation right, provisional cover, assumption of approval, limitation periods, termination options, statutory deadlines, pre-contractual duty to provide information, pre-contractual duty of disclosure, amendment clauses, continued liability and pending insurance claims, right to claim directly / right to information, compulsory liability insurance.

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  • 1 Preparation of the rule of law 03/13-06/16
The consultation process for the partial revision of the ICA is expected to open in 2015.


The law should be given a modern structure that eliminates the deficits of the current law which is more than a century old. It should also become more user-friendly. The partial revision agenda also includes topics to improve consumer protection. These topics should be closely coordinated with other legislative projects such as the Financial Services Act (including the planned revision of the ISA). Close attention should be paid to the special features of the insurance business.

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