Swiss Stock Exchange attractive for Indian Life Sciences Companies

in Tax, 13.01.2014

Switzerland is a favorite for globally leading life sciences companies. This, as well as its ranking as a global financial center is mirrored in the fact that the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich and its little cousin, the BX Berne eXchange, are attractive for listings of companies from the life sciences and high-tech industries from everywhere in the world.

A number of Indian life sciences companies have therefore chosen Switzerland for their regional HQs from where they are starting or coordinating their international expansion into the industrialized world or for manufacturing. They benefit from the strong life sciences cluster already present, from a business-friendly environment and from access to the Swiss financial market place. Further attractions of the Swiss market environment are the sophisticated investor base and regulators who understand the needs of fast-growing life sciences companies and who already identified this trend.

December 2013 saw the first listing of a Swiss subsidiary of an Indian pharmaceutical company at a Swiss stock exchange. That the listing was welcomed by both Indian and international business media is a signal that it might not be the last Indian listing.

A KPMG report on life sciences companies released in October 2013 geared towards non-European biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies looking for HQs and manufacturing sites in Europe. It corroborates the lively interest international companies have in Switzerland which seems to be especially attractive also in regards to raising capital and for international tax planning purposes.



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