Switzerland – your gateway to Europe

in Tax, 25.08.2014

Multinational companies (MNCs) are under an ever increasing pressure from their stakeholders and from the markets to provide for growth prospects which are at the same time competitive and sustainable. One of the key success factors in this regards is choosing the right location for the right activities.

For MNCs and for fast growing start-up companies the playfield is the entire world and locations compete globally for investments. At the same time typical tax optimization models or mere labor arbitrage schemes are under increased pressure from governments and supranational organizations which request substance in order to accept typical operating models.

But how to find the best location serving as your gateway to Europe? It’s all about competitiveness! According to the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2014, competitiveness helps to understand the factors that facilitate prosperity. IMD explains that prosperity goes beyond the economic performance of a country to encompass a variety of economic as well as non-economic dimensions and that it is dynamic – constantly evolving to accommodate emerging factors. And guess who they put at the top of the ranking list as the most competitive location in Europe? It’s Switzerland – again!

What’s the story behind Switzerland’s success? KPMG has released a new version of its flagship publication “Clarity on Investment in Switzerland” which describes in details the economic framework conditions and regulations in Switzerland and shares insights into why the country globally remains one of the most business friendly locations for building up substantial business structures. In addition to managing regional and international business through HQs operations (including treasury, legal, tax, HR, supply chain management, IT and marketing functions), a presence in Switzerland also allows for

  • designing and manufacturing complex and innovative products  (e.g. in biotechnology or medical devices)
  • conducting R&D and managing intellectual property (e.g. the European research centers for IBM and Google are located in Switzerland)
  • branding services and goods (e.g. many luxury and cosmetics manufacturers have manufacturing plants in Switzerland)

Other cross-border activities preferably performed out of Switzerland are coordinating the value chain, financing of international operations or trading of commodities of all sorts.

The new handbook “Clarity on Investment in Switzerland” gives insights into a variety of relevant topics for doing business in Switzerland. Personal experiences and hard facts point out why Switzerland should be your future business location. It is recommended to executives and their advisors looking for an ideal location for fast and sustainable growth in Europe as well as internationally.


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