Cost efficiency

Will procurement as we know it exist in the future?

Digitization is expected to have a strong impact on procurement as we know it today. The old paradigm of cost reduction and cost efficiency is drawing to a close – placing procurement professionals on the threshold of change. But what comes next?

3 steps to optimize your SAP License Management

SAP licensees need to know what licenses they own, and what they are using them for. As well as being fundamental to the effective control of the technical environment, this information allows licensees to drive better value from software investments and avoid the wasted costs of ‘shelf-ware’.

Effective Financial Planning – A foundation for steering your organization

As a cornerstone for true business partnering, many CFOs today are seeking to increase the value of financial planning and steering for the business. An effective planning process, linked to the overall strategy, can help to deliver more realistic and achievable forecasts with greater visibility into future operating performance of the company.