Speed, innovation and digitalization as businesses’ top priorities

Boosting speed to market, fostering innovation and implementing disruptive technologies are the top three strategic priorities of global businesses. That is one of the findings of this year’s global, cross-sector survey of around 1,300 CEOs conducted by KPMG.
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Solutions to tackle the insider threat are not adequate

While companies have been and are still investing in various cybersecurity projects, sometimes with lukewarm results, the management of insider threats is either left aside or is dealt with in a way that is far not effective. Most of all, some “improvements” can be even counterproductive.

Can you trust your data?

The magnitude 9.0 earthquake in Japan in 2011 shattered lives. The destruction surprised the world since few expected a catastrophy that large. Much of the damage could have been avoided if seismic model uncertainty were taken into account. Business is not different, data analytics without understanding of uncertainties can lead to directly harmful decisions.

Impact of Big Data on the insurance industry

Big Data is bringing decisive advantages to insurers through more relevant, detailed, and up to date information. Insurance executives globally are trying to work out what all this means for their customers, their operating models, their bottom lines - some are successful, some are struggling and some have other priorities.
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