data analytics

Can you trust your data?

The magnitude 9.0 earthquake in Japan in 2011 shattered lives. The destruction surprised the world since few expected a catastrophy that large. Much of the damage could have been avoided if seismic model uncertainty were taken into account. Business is not different, data analytics without understanding of uncertainties can lead to directly harmful decisions.

Is moving to SAP S/4 HANA worth the effort?

SAP HANA is providing a fast in-memory database, which enables decision makers to analyze their data faster and to decrease the time to take decisions and react to new trends. Based on the HANA platform, SAP has released S/4 HANA in 2015, which is SAP’s next generation business suite.

Grenzkontrolle für Daten?

Wenn erst bei Pannen die Anforderungen an die Compliance von Daten erkannt werden, ist dies nicht nur zu spät, sondern auch sehr teuer. Entsprechend haben die meisten Wirtschaftsräume und Länder Regulationen erlassen, welche kritische Daten einem besonderen Schutz unterstellen.

Quo Vadis Technology?

The Financial Services sector is in transformation mode. It is not enough to have a FinTech collaboration or a team of in-house digital experts. FS institutions have to adjust their existing corporate culture and the overall business model significantly.

Impact of Big Data on the insurance industry

Big Data is bringing decisive advantages to insurers through more relevant, detailed, and up to date information. Insurance executives globally are trying to work out what all this means for their customers, their operating models, their bottom lines - some are successful, some are struggling and some have other priorities.
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