Digital Transformation

Largest-ever IT leadership study shows CIO’s growing strategic influence

Turbulent times see technology leaders get to grips with digital by focusing on consistency and stability as well as fostering innovation. Meanwhile, more CEOs and boards are turning to their CIOs for help in navigating the uncertainties, threats and opportunities in todays’ digital world.

Next curve in cyber security threatens to overwhelm Swiss companies

Cyber-attacks are a reality for most Swiss companies. But cyber security falls short when facing the new perils arising in connection with the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. For the third consecutive year, our study “Clarity on Cyber Security” provides some insight into how Swiss organizations deal with new challenges.
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Industrial controls: Swiss are ahead of the game

The combination of smart machines and big data could potentially increase productivity and drive enormous economic benefits – changing the face of the economy. Switzerland’s ready to play a key role in building and operating such complex and mission critical systems for companies around the world.

Dossier électronique du patient: lancement de Santé 4.0

Beaucoup d’hôpitaux suisses réalisent un rendement insuffisant. Leur marge EBITA est actuellement inférieure à 10%. Et à partir du mois d’avril, ils feront face à un nouveau défi: l’introduction du dossier électronique du patient. Celui-ci pourrait toutefois servir de catalyseur pour le système de suisse.

Elektronisches Patientendossier: Start ins Gesundheitswesen 4.0

Viele Schweizer Spitäler leiden unter ungenügenden Erträgen. Ihre aktuelle EBITA-Marge liegt unter 10 Prozent. Und ab April stehen sie vor einer neuen Herausforderung: Die Einführung des Elektronischen Patientendossiers. Dieses könnte aber zum Katalysator für das Schweizer Gesundheitswesen werden.

Switzerland’s next act: from business hub to world’s digital labor hub

Digital labor is one of the key disrupters impacting global business today. The race is on to find the best location for using digital technology to augment and/or automate the tasks of highly-skilled workers. Already attractive for doing business, Switzerland’s got more than just a head’s start.