Principal Structure

Update on Swiss Principal Structures 2015

The IG Principal had a first meeting with the Swiss Federal Tax Authorities (SFTA) last year where some points of the new guidelines regarding the Swiss principal structures were still left open. In February this year IG Principal had a second meeting where most points have been discussed.

Update on Swiss Principal Structures 2014

The new guidelines regarding Swiss principal structures have already been amended by the Swiss Federal Tax Authorities with regard to the exclusivity requirement. Here is an overview of the new guidelines with the amendment.

Update on Swiss Principal Structures

According to the recent verbal information from the federal tax authorities of January 2014, it is envisaged that the federal tax authorities inform all cantons of the new practice regarding Swiss principal structures by February 2014.

Swiss Principal Structure – Actions required

A tested and internationally well established tax planning tool, the principal structure, encounters headwinds from tax authorities in Switzerland. This structure consists of an “entrepreneur” company that pools risks and revenues while contractors or limited risk distributers perform production, distribution and other activities.