Security challenges of mobile devices and applications

The increasing adoption of mobile devices and mobile applications is a great opportunity for companies. However, mobile technologies come with challenges regarding their use and implementation. Mobile security expertise is now required for a successful business move to mobile technologies.
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Cyber Response Readiness – die Antwort auf Cyberangriffe

Fast kein Tag vergeht, an dem nicht in den Medien über eine Hackerattacke, einen Datenraub oder digitale Erpressung berichtet wird. Die zunehmende Digitalisierung in der Industrie sowie das Internet of Things wird dieses Risiko noch erhöhen. Was ist Cyber Response Readiness? Die Antwort auf Cyberattacken.

La croissance par l’analyse du portefeuille stratégique

"Optimiser et développer les prestations fournies par notre institution", "poursuivre le développement de notre domaine X ou Y" ou encore "accroître notre compétitivité", tels sont certains des projets clés ressortant des plans stratégiques actuels des hôpitaux romands.

Industry 4.0: Is Switzerland Ready? Part 2

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is seeing an incredible increase in both digitization and the digital integration of products and parts of the value chain. So how can companies optimize their processes and protect their data in a time when everything is part of an integrated network?

Industry 4.0: Is Switzerland Ready? Part 1

Now, amid worldwide digital transformation, Switzerland’s task is to create a framework of conditions that ensure it remains a top, competitive business location. The question is, which framework conditions will make or break Switzerland as a competitive business location in a world where the Fourth Industrial Revolution is becoming a reality?

New generation: the data-driven auditor

How to audit the massive data volumes that companies nowadays process in their financial IT systems? The answer is obvious and recognized by financial auditors: data analysis. The challenge for an audit firm to become successful in data driven audits is not the technology, but to re-design the traditional audit approach.