US Tax Reform: What can Swiss groups expect as reform is close to finalization

It's highly likely that the enactment of the most significant US Tax Reform since 1986 is just around the corner. How will the final reform affect Swiss groups? Here’s a short overview of the latest developments and their potential impact.

How ‘Stop Mass Immigration’ may impact your recruiting process in 2018

The media describes the current 'Stop Mass Immigration' initiative implementation plan as 'light' or even 'super light'. But, is it really so light? Actually, it looks like the initiative affects far more employers than initially assumed.

US Tax Reform: Implications for U.S. expatriates

In our series of blogs on U.S. Tax Reform, we have focused on the emerging corporate tax issues for non-U.S. headquartered, multinationals with operations in the U.S. In this article, we consider the potential implications for U.S. Expatriates and companies sending employees on assignment to the U.S.
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Vaud confirms massively lower corporate tax rates

The legislative roadmap released by the Vaud Council of State on 1 November 2017 confirms a substantially reduced corporate tax rate of 13.79% in the canton of Vaud as of 1 January 2019, irrespective of the Federal Tax Proposal 17 currently under way.

US Tax Reform: Surprising news for Swiss groups

The Ways and Means Committee of the US House of Representatives released a legislative text last week. This text represents the most significant step towards tax reform in over 30 years and begins the first official phase of the tax reform process.

US Tax Reform: no breaking but some further news for Swiss groups

A much anticipated tax reform framework was released last week. It serves now as a template for the tax-writing committees of the House and Senate, whereby the details need to be elaborated by these committees. The Framework can thus be viewed as an important but small step on a long, uncertain journey that doesn’t necessarily end in 2017.