Transfer pricing – from legacy to lasting with data and analytics

Data collection is a daily to-do in the tax department. But as data streams turn to floods, many companies are struggling to stay afloat. How are leading organizations – both large and small – steering the tax team from data collection to value extraction? And how could technology empower your transfer pricing function?

A new regime for Swiss withholding tax and Swiss stamp tax?

On 27 September 2019, the Swiss Federal Council issued additional guidelines on a proposed reform of the Swiss withholding tax (“WHT”) and Swiss stamp tax (“SST”) regimes. The Proposal includes (1) the introduction of a new WHT on interest based on the “Swiss paying agent” principle, and (2) an exemption from SST for transactions with debt securities […]

Protocol to the Swiss-U.S. Double Tax Treaty – latest developments

Further to our Newsletter of 10 July 2019 (see attached), Switzerland and the U.S. have exchanged the instruments of ratification of the Protocol to the Swiss-U.S. Double Tax Treaty (DTT), which has entered into force with effect from 20 September 2019. This has the following key implications for Swiss Financial Institutions (SFI).

Transfer pricing – compliance with confidence

Let’s start with the good news. Transfer pricing documentation isn’t rocket science. For many organizations, though, documentation duties can be black hole of never-ending tasks. For confidence in compliance, companies need to shift to a process mindset.

Equal pay – Is your organization ready?

In December 2018, the Swiss Parliament adopted an amendment to the Equality Act including a new section related to Equal Pay requirements between female and male employees. Whether or not your organization may actually be impacted by the legislation, Equal Pay has become a key topic that organizations can no longer ignore.

Transfer pricing – technology enablement for today and tomorrow

As businesses go digital, tax functions also need to keep pace with digitization and digitalization. Given the nature of transfer pricing and its many touchpoints across the business landscape, the function is well-positioned to be part of this megatrend. How can you use the advantages of technology for your transfer pricing organization?