Extension of Time to File FATCA Reporting (Form 8966)

In response to the COVID-19 virus, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has granted an automatic extension of time for Reporting Model 2 and Participating FFIs to file their FATCA reporting (Form 8966) to the IRS.

UK Budget 2020: Impact for Switzerland?

On 11 March 2020, the UK Chancellor delivered his first Budget of the post-Brexit era. Important tax changes were anticipated, but did not really materialize. We discuss the announced UK tax changes – and the potential impact for Switzerland.

Tax transparency for family offices, trustees and fiduciaries

Our recently completed KPMG tax transparency event series highlighted the extensive new requirements in the field of tax transparency, with a particular focus on the challenges for family offices, trustees and fiduciaries. Stefan Keglmaier summarizes the most important takeaways of our session.

Klarstellung zur deutschen Lizenzschranke

Deutschland hat mit Wirkung per Steuerjahr 2018 die Lizenzschranke eingeführt. Gemäss Gesetzesbegründung ist das Ziel des Gesetzgebers mit dem § 4j EStG gegen so genannte „IP-Boxen“, „Patentboxen“ und „Lizenzboxen“ vorzugehen.

DAC6 developments – discover more in KPMG’s webinar

The EU Mandatory Disclosure Rules (DAC6) will apply as of 1 July 2020, with a retroactive effect of 2 years. Although the timeline is tight, questions still remain unanswered in practice.

QI training – an efficient e-learning approach

Under the new Qualified Intermediary Agreement (Revenue Procedure 2017-15) released in 2017, banks acting as qualified intermediaries (QIs) are required to organize regular training sessions for all employees working on QI matters. Many QIs struggle to put into effect a reliable and cost-effective solution to this requirement. Using an external provider is an ef […]